Big City Marketing for Small Town Businesses

A great business can be built anywhere, so why not McPherson? “I needed a few major things when I started my first company. It was important to be close to an airport, have access to the internet, and to be surrounded by great, supportive people. McPherson was the best place to go,” says Jennifer Flood, CEO of Omni 21.
Jennifer started Omni21 to give small-town businesses, big city products, and services.   There are thousands of small businesses in the Midwest, but not many professional marketing services. Business owners face a difficult decision when splitting time between guessing at what works for their marketing and developing their own products and services.  Omni21 focuses on the client relationship. “I care about the growth of the area, and about the businesses we build here. I knew we had to focus on the partnership with our clients,” says Flood. “We develop strategies for growth and work to make every client we have number one in their field.”
A McPherson native, Flood developed legal departments for marketing agencies in Kansas City, and she was the first in the nation to develop a regulatory software service that put a stop to companies misusing trademarks and copyrights. She continues to service international brands and large marketing agencies with the software.
“I had to learn every detail of how a marketing agency operated. It was my job to make sure we followed the rules and that our clients were protected. It was an easy decision to start a marketing agency for smaller businesses. I already had the recipe for my clients’ success because I learned from these amazing, nationally recognized agencies.”
Omni21 specializes in Social Media Management, Website Design, Google Search Rankings, as well as other traditional media.  “I’m very passionate about my community. I grew up here and want to continue to be a great place to live and work.”
For more information, please visit Omni21 at or you can reach Jennifer Flood at