Quincy Williams Joins The Buzz to Cover Sports


Recently, we’ve decided to add some much-needed sports coverage at the Mcpherson Buzz. Quincy Williams has joined our team to be our sports expert!

“Hello, citizens of McPherson! My name is Quincy Williams, I’m a student at McPherson College, hailing originally from the Buckeye State.

I’m from the best of the three cities that everyone knows in Ohio, Cincinnati.

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be covering local sports for the McPherson Buzz. In addition to the chronicling of local sports, I’m going to write a weekly column dedicated to the current goings-on of the NFL (I promise to keep my griping about the state of the Cincinnati Bengals to a minimum), NBA, college basketball, and some college football coverage will also be coming so stay tuned.”

Welcome, Quincy!

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