Something’s Fishy: This Dietary Supplement Could Change Your Life.


By Shane Burge

What if I told you there was a dietary supplement that could change your life, and do so without breaking the bank?

Would you want to learn more or perhaps even be willing to try it? Despite what you may be thinking, what we are going to tell you is not a new, cutting edge, scientific breakthrough miracle drug. It is something you probably have even heard of or tried yourself. – We are talking about fish oils.

You may be asking, what exactly are fish oils and what benefits will I receive from supplementing my diet with them? Fish oils started to receive notoriety in the 1970s and have been rapidly gaining momentum ever since, and for good reason! The benefits of fish oils come from the Omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that they contain. These have been shown to have a multitude of health benefits such as: supporting a healthy heart; reducing inflammation, normalizing and regulating cholesterol; lowering blood pressure; reducing triglycerides; assisting with depression; and aiding children with learning or behavioral disorders. Additionally, they have even been found to help prevent premature death from diseases such as coronary heart disease, and strokes.

An estimated 1 out of 5 adults suffer from depression.

This is a troubling statistic; especially considering depression does not only affect the individual but those around them as well. British researchers studied a group of depressed patients who failed to show improvement after taking an anti-depressant medication for 8 weeks.   Though all the patients stayed on their medications, some also took an additional omega 3 supplement (fish oil). At the end of the study, almost 70% of those who received the omega 3 supplement showed significant signs of improvement. This is a very high success rate when compared to the 25% of the patients who showed improvements while only taking the antidepressant medication. The study concluded that omega 3 supplements (fish oils) could be one of the most successful anti-depressant treatments ever discovered. By no means are we saying simply taking a fish oil supplement will cure you of depression, but it may assist you in your path to recovery.

We have merely scratched the surface in our discussion regarding the plentiful benefits of fish oils, but hopefully, we have sparked your desire to learn more. If you are interested in adding this supplement to your diet, a good starting point would be to consume approximately 2 grams of an EPA/ DHA rich omega 3 supplement (fish oil) daily. If you want to take higher doses of omega-3 fish oil supplements, just ensure you talk to your doctor beforehand as they will be able to advise you further, based on your needs and their knowledge of your medical history.

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