KU Basketball in Hot Water After NCAA Violations Allegations


By Quincy Williams

The fallout from the NCAA’s Adidas scandal finally reached Lawrence on Monday with Kansas University receiving a notice of lack of institutional control. This comes nearly two years after the news broke of the FBI investigating payments to players from the shoe giant. TJ Gassanola, Adidas consultant and bag dropper-extraordinaire, originally claimed that Bill Self and his staff did not know about his illicit activities. A new report from ESPN makes this claim look unlikely. The NCAA has charged Kansas’ basketball program with three Level I violations (the most serious level of charge).

This is a potential nightmare scenario for the school. Vacating of titles and serious sanctions against Self could follow if the allegations are true and can be proven. There is also the potential of an NCAA Tournament ban. Self and the school have both denied all of the allegations levied against them saying, “The enforcement staff has created a false narrative regarding me and our basketball program”.

The fact remains that the NCAA doesn’t levy these allegations lightly; the adage “where there’s smoke there’s fire” definitely applies. The school and Self have 60 days to formally respond. The one silver lining for the Jayhawks’ faithful is that it doesn’t look like any potential sanctions will affect players from this year’s team.

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