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Help the local middle-school athletic programs and receive valuable promotion of your business!

2019-2020 Sponsorship Package

There are four tiers of sponsorships: individual game sponsorships, Activity/Sport Sponsorships, Annual Sponsorships, and the Pup Builder Sponsorship.

The individual game sponsorship will allow your business to have a one-time advertisement posted on that week’s program, social media posts, and announcements during that week’s events. This will cost your business 25 dollars.

The Activity/Sport Sponsorship will give your business ads for a full season of whichever sport you choose. Your business name and logo will appear at each event for the chosen activity, it will also appear on social media posts, and announcements during the events. This tier costs 150 dollars.

The third tier of sponsorships is Annual Sponsorships. This means your business name/logo at every event for the current school year, along with the social media posts and announcements during events. This tier is available for 250 dollars.

Finally, the fourth tier, the Pup Builder Sponsorship, includes all the above benefits but also gets the name of your business added to the Pup Builder plaque on display in the trophy case at McPherson Middle School. This tier is available for 600 dollars.

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