Commission appoints chief, assistant chief of police


Commission appoints chief, assistant chief of police

By Teri L. Hansen, Managing Editor

Mikel Golden and Todd Martens were brought forward at the McPherson City Commission meeting, Monday morning, to make their positions as chief and assistant chief of police official. Each was appointed to their position via a unanimous vote by the mayor and commissioners of the city.

“We’ve had enough of the interim stuff all the way around,” McPherson Mayor Tom Brown said.

Golden was promoted to assistant chief of police back in April 2018, when Michael Terry retired. True to form, he has now stepped into the shoes of Robert McClarty. After 28 years in law enforcement, McClarty made the announcement that he would retire on June 25. Golden has acted as the interim chief since that time.

“This morning I would like to make a motion that we remove interim from Mikel Golden’s title,” Brown said. “He’s done a great job I think for the last four or five months that he’s been here as the police chief.  We have some new ideas that we want to put forth.”

Golden is an eight-year Navy veteran and has been with the McPherson Police Department since 2006. He holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and criminal justice from Central Christian College of Kansas. He also spent six years on the Drug Task Force.

In addition to Golden, Martens was given the opportunity to advance, as the commission voted that he be made the official assistant chief of police.

“I think that he has worked well with Chief Golden. Todd has been interim chief for a few months, and I think this is the right time to remove interim from his title as well,” Brown said.

The votes were unanimous for both appointments.

True to Brown’s words, other changes for the police department were in store during the meeting. The commission voted in favor of the creation and the beginning of the hiring process for a new position within the department. The position, known as police operations captain, will operate as a command staff supervisor over all criminal investigations, the operations lieutenant, two investigative detectives, two narcotics detectives, and an evidence technician/court bailiff. In addition, the duties will entail oversight of fleet management, fleet maintenance, and departmental inventory.

According to Golden, five lieutenants and sergeants, working overtime, costs the McPherson Police Department close to a similar wage of a single captain’s salary. The creation of this position will allow officers to have every other weekend off. He expressed concern for the mental health of the officers who need more time with their loved ones, which isn’t happening with the overtime of staff going up every year. The creation of this position will mitigate some of that.

Lastly, the commission approved Golden to begin the hiring process for the police patrol captain. This position has been left vacant due to the promotion of Martens to assistant police chief.

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