MPNaz hosts Murder Mystery event


By Teri L. Hansen

MPNaz Church, 1455 N. Main St. in McPherson will be hosting their second annual Murder Mystery event. The event will be held from 7 to 10 p.m. on Oct. 26 at the church. The cost to attend is $15. Once registered, guests receive an email with their role, costume suggestion and back story.

“People that attended last time had a lot of fun. We had people that attended, only because their partner wanted them to, who said they were really surprised they had so much fun as they were normally very shy,” Danielle Black said. Black is an associate at MPNaz, who’s husband is the senior pastor. “We will be having a snap your own photo, photo booth area setup,  waitstaff dressed up serving creepy appetizers, and three rounds setup to slowly progress the story.”

This began last year when one of MPNaz’s congregation suggested it when throwing around ideas for new events.

“It had been something I had always wanted to attend so we decided we would try it out,” Black said. “It was so successful we are doing it again.”

During the event a character will die due to the actions of another. The group who are also characters within the plot, will work together to determine who committed the crime. Then in the end, the murderer and motive will be revealed. The rights to the story being used were purchased for the event, though they are looking at maybe some original pieces later on. The event used to include a dinner, but they decided to reduce cost and therefore they were able to make the ticket cheaper.

“It is a great chance to be someone else or dress up for halloween if you are not big on the party scene and have no little one  to do a costume with for the year,” Black said. “Although we hope to continue to outreach to our community through this and be able to promote our outreaches more,  the event started as a fundraiser.”

The first round will begin with a clue.

“It will say things like what you should tell people, what you should hide, and sometimes funny banter to help make small talk with others as you meander around gathering clues,” Black explained. “Everyone will try to stay in character during this time and some get really into it and others just talk normally.  Either level of involvement still promotes fun.”

Two more rounds of clues will be given. A crime scene is even set up. The victim will even be present, though unable to speak as they will be a “muted angel” in background, listening to everyone figure out who killed them.

“Ultimately the guests will help unravel the solution by stating their final conclusions and the suspects and finally the murderer themselves will be revealed,” Black said.

To sign up for the event visit the MPNaz Facebook page and goto the events section. From there, tickets can be purchased. After registration is complete information will be emailed for this unique event.

“There aren’t a lot of excuses for adults to dress up, get a date night in that isn’t way overdone, or do something they always see done in the movies without going to a much larger town,” Black said. “So not only are we offering an event that isn’t common, but it is a lot of fun. Even those who hate crowds, talking, and social events said they enjoyed this event. It seemed to appease both introverts and extroverts as you can get as into the part as you want.

The night is a good time, for a good cause. So come on down and find out “whodunnit?.”

“It is a lot of fun. The funds are also to help support our non-profit outreaches through the church and general expenses to ensure we can keep our outreaches going and growing,” Black said. “It is a killer good time. We have had several teens say they want to do this so we will be trying to host a murder mystery for the community teen center soon. Get your reservations in soon so we can get you your parts. This murder mystery is a masquerade ball.”

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