McPherson City Commission to meet Monday


The McPherson City Commission will meet at 8:30 a.m. Monday at 400 E. Kansas Ave. Here is what is planned for the agenda:

Board of Public Utilities Report

Police Department Matters

Presentation of patrol and operations captains

Municipal Court Departmental Matters
Approval of purchase of two new computers

Fire Departmental Matters
Acceptance of firefighter resignation
Acceptance of firefighter/EMT resignation
Approval to hire firefighter
Acceptance of ONEOK Community Investments Grant
Approval of Purchase of Masimo RAD-57 Sp02 CO Monitor
Approval of hot water heater
Fire Prevention 5th Grade Zoo Adventure

Public Lands & Facilities Department Matters
Approval of purchase of two Tee Box Mower engines from Kansas Golf and Turf Inc.
Approval of tree reimbursement application to replace trees lost due to city construction projects

Planning & Zoning Matters
Vacation of Easement-1420 Northglen

Public Works Report
Update on Hartup-Elizabeth Street reconstruction and Hartup-Grand community sewer project
Update on the Grimes/Anna Street reconstruction project
Update on Safe Routes to School construction project
Update on Hulse Area drainage project
2019 Road Projects website updates

Administrative Report
McPherson Housing Coalition request for reimbursement
Approval to move City Commission meeting on Nov. 11 to Nov. 12
Approval of wages
Approval of investment
Approval of bonds

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