Pinson leaving Pipeliners


Chad Pinson, who has been an instrumental part of the McPherson Pipeliners for more than two years, announced today via Facebook that he is leaving the “boys of summer.”

“This is an emotional announcement for us to write. After much thought and prayer, we have decided that due to health reasons, it is necessary for our family to step away from McPherson Pipeliners Baseball. While this may come as a shock, please know this decision has not been easy and has been one of the toughest decisions we have ever made. We truly consider McPherson family and are grateful how ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’ intertwines strangers to create life long bonds and friendships,” Pinson said in the post.

Pinson didn’t leave the team in a lurch however, as he worked with Kansas Collegiate League Baseball to ensure someone could fill his shoes.

“After many discussions with the commissioner of the league, Sheldon Howell, we decided that the KCLB itself will be taking over McPherson Pipeliners Baseball,” Pinson announced in the post. “The league plans on keeping the program as is, along with bringing MORE fantastic ideas and visions to make the family experience even better! You will also be seeing familiar faces from the 2019 Pipeliners Season throughout this seamless transition, and we could not be more excited!”

McPherson College pitcher and former Pipeliner, Tyler Dunn, will step in as general manager for the team, as Pinson did once before. Pinson was not always at the reins of the Pipeliners. He was originally assistant coach to Caleb Hartman during the inception of the team. It wasn’t until September 2018 that he took over sole ownership, in what at the time was a controversial move.

The KCLB made a formal announcement at the time stating of Pinson that, “After one year of involvement it has become apparent that his professionalism, maturity and integrity align with our league values. Coach Pinson, who has been involved as an affiliated owner with the team since inception in the 2017 offseason, will now act as the sole owner of this franchise slot.”

It was a sound decision, as Pinson then hired Caleb Dawson as head coach, who led the Pipeliners to a third place finish in the KCLB South-Central Standings. Pinson also played an intricate marketing role, bringing funds to the team and fans to the stands. He worked with community leaders and made every home game, free to attend. He expressed hope that his passion and hard work would live on.

“We encourage you to join us in showing support and appreciation to the KCLB for helping us keep Pipeliners Baseball right where it belongs, in the city of McPherson. This is not a farewell from our family, but a “see you later”. The Pinson’s will be attending games and proudly showing our unwavering support,” Pinson’s post continued.

Pinson and his family went on to thank the fans, sponsors and the city of McPherson for their support. To see the post in its entirety visit,

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