McPherson air quality normal, still being monitored


With fire suppression operations finally stopped at the McPherson landfill, the main focus is now air quality in and around McPherson.

“At 7 a.m. air monitoring of the north end of the City of McPherson still shows air quality to be within normal ranges,” McPherson Fire Department Chief TJ Wyssmann said. “We feel that fire ground operations into the morning hours has dramatically reduced the amount of smoke leaving the landfill fire. Strong winds however may still push the smoke into McPherson, so Air quality monitoring will continue throughout the morning to ensure public safety.”

Firefighters from multiple agencies, fought the flames at the landfill into the night, with the call coming in yesterday afternoon. This is the second fire at the landfill in a week’s time. The cause isn’t known, bu the high winds made the fire difficult to suppress. Landfill Manager Mike Tabor stated this was the largest he has experienced at the landfill with 30 to 40 feet of trash in a couple acres being impacted. The situation is still under intense monitoring.

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