Letter to the Editor: Lara Vanderhoof


Dear USD No. 418 Community,

First, I want to thank the USD No. 418 Community for your support during the 2019 General Election. Secondly, I want to encourage each of you to become or continue to be actively involved in our great community. I believe that becoming educated on the needs and advocating for solutions will continue to strengthen this community. Be encouraged that your voice matters. I still will advocate for accountability with our school district and pay particular interest to the curriculum implementation, superintendent search, the fiscal decisions, and facilities needs. Again, I highly recommend that the current and incoming school board consider creating a long-range strategic plan that includes goals, tasks, deadlines, anticipated outcomes, resources needed, and regular feedback loops to keep all stakeholders informed.
My final thought is that I encourage USD No. 418 Administration and School Board members to take the lead in helping this community heal and repair the relationships that have been damaged at various levels and for various reasons over the last two years.
I appreciate the support that this community provided me, and I will continue to seek ways to serve this community.


Lara Vanderhoof

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