McPherson Bullpups Square off Against the Goddard Lions


The McPherson Bullpups football team (9-0) will contend with the Goddard Lions (4-5) in the second round of the 4A Regional finals at McPherson Stadium at 7:00 P.M. on Friday. The Bullpups won 63-7 against Abilene in the first round, Goddard beat Rose Hill 32-14.

The two teams have only played one common opponent, Rose Hill, who the Bullpups beat 31-7. That being said, Goddard is 4-5 for a reason. They have been inconsistent, other than a five-game losing streak in which they were consistently bad. They have a -2 point differential for the season, meaning they are a distinctly average to below-average team.

The Bullpups, meanwhile, have a +321 point differential. They’ve blown out nearly every team they’ve faced, their only close game was a 21-14 victory against Buhler.

Look for the Bullpups to roll big this weekend and to institute the running clock rule for the second week in a row.

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