Traffic Stop Tuesday: Winter Reminder for Obstructed Windshields


With the recent lower temperatures, the likely hood of morning dew being frozen on your vehicle’s windows or snow covering your windows has increased. We all know, frost and snow can obstruct a driver’s view through the windows unless removed before we drive. For everyone’s safety, drivers must be able to see other drivers and pedestrians as they navigate the roadways. Did you know, not only does cleaning frost and snow off all windows, mirrors, and lights increase safety, but it is also required by a Standard Traffic Ordinance?

In summary, Standard Traffic Ordinance Section 177 a & c regarding Windshields which Must Be Unobstructed and Equipped with Wipers, no person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield, side wings, side or rear windows of such vehicle which substantially obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway. The windshield on every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a device for cleaning rain, snow or other moisture from the windshield.

Take a look at the photo we provided. Can you see the pedestrian standing directly in front of the vehicle? Are you able to see the vehicle to the right or to the left?

We hope you never drive with your windows this obstructed or close to it.

Please remember, take extra time to clear frost, snow, or any other obstructions from your windows before you drive. Help us reduce traffic accidents by driving safely.

We hope you all stay warm and have a great rest of your week.

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