McPherson County Area Deeds Recorded Nov. 13


William Curtis and Melissa R. Ledford to VMV Inv.; Funston Place Block 3, Lot 4.

Ann and Arlo L. Voth to Lynn J and Vern Wendell Voth and Jill Lori Kennell; property in Canton.

  1. Dean and Susan M. Newton to Scott and Cathy Wehrman; Potwin Addition, Lot 8.

Brian K. and Krystina N. Stackhouse to Richard Villanueva and Brandy Riley; McPherson Ots, Block 130, Lot 6.

Travis E. and Chelsea Thul to Sondra Koehn; Grandview, Block 6, Lots 17-19.

Bradley T. Benson to Kristine K. Benson; North High Addn., Block 4, Lot 5.

Morfar Rev. Trust to Jordan Tholstrup; Prospect Addn., Block 11, Lots 2 and 4.

Delores Dahlberg to Galva City; property in Galva.

Patricia Huerta to Mid-Kansas CU; property in Moundridge.

Sanford Louis and Lisa K. Nikkel and Greta Ann and William L. Baack to James D. Sampson Rev. Trust; property in Spring Valley.

Delbert E. and Barbara Jane Stucky to Dallas D. and Patricia L. Eilert; property in Moundridge.

Harley Samuelson to Jeremy Carl Herman; property in Windom.

Mary L. and Donald M. Frye to Mary L. Frye; property in Lindsborg.

Max W. and Sandra J. Fuqua to Louie and Marliece Bate; property in Inman.

Arlo J. and Startla Unruh to Bruce Welding and Repair; property in Galva.

Bruce Welding and Repair to McPherson College; College Place Addn., Block 3, Lots 27-32.

Lois M. Kaufman to Chase and Courtney Wylie; property in Galva.

Courtney F. and Chase Wylie to John Ashley Liles; Eastmoor Addn., Block 10, Lot 8.

Heartland Developers to Rebecca D. Hogue; property in Galva.

Michael and Laurie Hoag to Julie Truhlar; Evangelical Lutheran MSN, Lot 4.

Nancy V. Lopez to Julie Truhlar; Evangelical Lutheran MSN, Lot 4.

Marylin E. McCoy to Julie Truhlar; Evangelical Lutheran MSN, Lot 4.

Vernon D. and Brenda G. Blosser to Sarah, Laura and Samuel Blosser; property in Meridian.

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