$10k of Equipment Stolen Near Inman


The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two thefts from farms in the Inman area with a loss totaling more than $10,000. The bulk of the loss being construction tools, welders, an air compressor and handheld power tools.

According to the McPherson County Crime Stoppers, the first incident occurred between Nov. 2 and Nov. 4 at the 400 block of 10th Avenue with around $7,500 of equipment stolen. The second is thought to have occurred between Nov. 9 and Nov. 10 in the 800 block of 6th Avenue with an additional $3,000 in equipment stolen.

With the locations being close and the items stolen being similar, authorities believe the incidents are linked, said McPherson Sheriff’s Office Capt. Doug Anderson.

Law enforcement is asking that the public keep an eye out for the equipment and thieves involved. In addition, they encourage people with any expensive equipment to take pictures and track the serial numbers and model numbers. In addition, inexpensive security cameras can be very useful in situations like these.

“I understand that these homes are out in the country and with hunting season unfamiliar vehicles will be around, but keep your eyes open,” Anderson said.

To report any information on this or other crimes, contact McPherson County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-241-8118. Or to be kept anonymous, a tip can be submitted on the McPherson County Crime Stoppers Facebook Page.


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