City Commission to Meet Monday


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The McPherson City Commission will meet at 8:30 a.m. Monday at 400 E. Kansas Ave. Here is what is planned for the agenda:

BPU Report

Board of Public Utilities Report

Police Departmental Matters

Presentation of Police Department Promotions and Reassignments

Acceptance of Motor Vehicle Inspector Resignation
5 Day Internal Notice and Hiring process for Motor Vehicle Inspector and job description
Public Lands and Facilities Departmental Matters

Approval of Veterans Banner Project

Approval of Jim’s Plumbing Invoice (No. 51936) for Water Park Winterization and Repairs
Public Works Report

Street Department: Pavement Marking (McPherson County)

WWTF: Repair of the 3-Ton Hoist in the Bio-Solids Building
Northgate Drainage Project: Public MeetingUpdate on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction and the Hartup-Grand Community Sewer Project
Update on the Grimes/Anna Street Reconstruction Project
Update on Hulse Area Drainage Project
Update on Plaza East Place Street Construction Project
2019 Road Projects Website Updates
Administrative Report

Approval of 2018 CDBG Housing Grant Payment #9

2019 Fall Retreat and Agenda
Enhanced Cereal Malt Beverage License Approval
Housing Affordability
Housing Affordability
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