McPherson Youth Football Team finishes three-year run


The 6th grade McPherson Youth Football team has just completed a three-year dynasty in which they only lost one game. In 2017 and 2018 they were undefeated champions in their league. In 2019 they lost a game but still won the championship. Their record in total over their three-year youth football career was 23-1.

Trapper Buettgenbach along with Dustin Kanitz, Kirk Craig, Trey Pontius, Mike Godwin, Milton Collins and Zac Crane helped to pilot this dynasty over the past three years.

Crane on his time with the kids, “They were an exciting group of boys to coach due to their athletic maturity and knowledge of the high school offense. They show a lot of promise and will be very exciting to watch as they begin middle school sports next year.”. This is definitely a group to watch as they proceed to the middle school and high school level. Congrats to the players, and their parents and coaches, on this great run.

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