Traffic Stop Tuesday – Rotary Traffic Islands (Roundabouts)


As most of you know, we have one roundabout in McPherson. Roundabouts are becoming more common throughout the United States as a way to improve the flow of traffic in certain areas.

When you enter a roundabout, you are not required to signal your entry, since traffic proceeds in one direction, and to the right of the “traffic island” (Roundabout). Yield signs are placed at every entrance, and drivers who intend to enter the roundabout shall slow, and stop when necessary to yield the right of way to drivers already in the Roundabout roadway. You are required to use your turn signal to indicate your intention to exit the roundabout.

For your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety others on the roadways, please continue to drive safely, and obey traffic laws.

1…Rotary Traffic Island (STO #45 & KSA 8-1521 Find the exact wording here:…/chapters/…/008_015_0021.html )

2…Duty to Yield (STO#59 & KSA 8-1528 Find the exact wording here:…/chapters/…/008_015_0028.html )

3…Required Signals (STO# 54 & KSA 8-1548 Find the exact wording here:…/chapters/…/008_015_0048.html )

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