McPherson County area deeds recorded Nov. 20


Carroll D. Winslow Est. to Keaton Austin Sorenson, Prospect Addition, Block 12, Lot 1

William E. and Vivian C. Horn JT Rev. Trust to Russel Robert and Shirley Lorraine Rev. Trust, property in Canton.

Alden and Baylei Slack to Brittany R. Nordstrom, Eastmoor Addition, Block 1, Lot 30.

Rueben and Margaret Ensz Family Trust to Kaela Moore, property in Inman.

Dale D. Powell Family Trust to Jason B. and Kimberly S. Wright, Fout’s First Addition, Block 1, Lots 2-3.

Rebecca Sanderson to George and Mary L. Overstreet, property in Lindsborg.

Robert D. and Jana McClarty to Scott Jones and Kassi Smith, Foxfire Addition, Block 7, Lot 1.

Steven R. and Joleen D. Wehren to Steven and Joleen Family Trust, Suncrest Acres 1st Addition, Lot 1, Block 12.

Ronald M. Cook to Ricardo, McPherson Ots, Block 126, Lot 2.

Gladys C. Temple to Rev. Trust Linda Sheller, Krehbiel’s First Addition, Block 9, Lot 1.

R. Jean and Donald L. Nelson to Bayle Jean Best, property in Marquette.

BW Gas and Convenience Real Estate to United C. Store Investment, Miller Addition #1 Block 70, Lots 4-6.

L. Stephen Schmidt Trust Glenda D. Schmidt Trust to William F. Sharon K. Keeler, Turnberry Addition, Block 2, Lot 46.

Amy R. to Ryan J. Fulcher, Homestead Acres, Block 1, Lot 11.

Curtis J. and Michelle Hill to Lewis M. and Ardith Dorris, McPherson Ots, Block 2/09, Lots 5-6.

Stanley G. and Ruby J. Wytcherley to Billie E. and Patricia K. Eccles, Sunbird lake Estates #1, Block C, Lot 8.

Steffy Family Trust to Trey M. Bagby, Eastmoor Addition, Block 1, Lots 31.

Shirley J. Kroeker to Alex Ropp, property in Little Valley.

Brian K. and Connie L. Stucky to Gary and Amber Stucky Family Trust, unplatted property in McPherson.

Brian K. and Connie L. Stucky to Glenn R. and Robin A. Stucky, unplatted land in McPherson.

Brian K. and Connie L. Stucky to Connie L. Stucky, unplatted land in McPherson.

Terry to Amanda Malm, property in Lindsborg.

Sherri Ward to Heart and Home Contracting, Grandview Addition, Block 1, Lots 11-13.

Joshua Seth Ferguson to Joshua A. and Trina J. Kinkaid, Woolley’s Subdivision, Lot 9.

Cody and April Suhr to Jose M. Ramos de la Cruz and Norma Ramos Rincon, New Gottland.

Minnie B. Settle to Tod O. and Angela M. Emerson, Belgard’s Subdivision, Block 1, Lot 11.

Daniel Tomasich to Shirley Kroeker, property in Inman.

Timothy E. and Ellen B. Davidson to Kent and Judi Schmidt, Turnberry Addition, Block 2, Lot 31.

Margaret D. Singleton Pelnar to K&L Real Estate, Deerfield Estates, Block 3, Lot 7.

Alan L. Anf Mary Hildebrand to James H. Baker, property in Lindsborg.


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