Friday a Rough Day on Roads in Kansas


By Managing Editor Teri L. Hansen

Friday ushered in winter weather across the state and with that came a number of vehicle accidents. McPherson County emergency personnel responded to seven different vehicle accident incidents including one that resulted in fatalities.

The Kansas Highway Patrol Troop C consists of 18 counties in north central Kansas including McPherson. On Friday, Troop C responded to two fatal crashes, two injury crashes and 19 non-injury crashes, along with “countless” slide-offs. The organization as a whole saw five people lose their lives on the roads of Kansas that day.

Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Ben Gardner stated that is was a “Long tough day.”

The McPherson County Public Works has followed a specific plan and criteria for snow and ice control since 2015. The procedure includes the following:

  1. McPherson County Public Works crews will use a brine solution to pretreat all paved county-maintained roads prior to forecasted snow or ice events.
  2. McPherson County Public Works will salt/sand only the intersections, hills and curves when needed and will not salt/sand the entire road system.
  3. McPherson County Public Works crews will plow snow during daylight hours when the snow accumulation is sufficient enough to warrant the snow removal.
  4. McPherson County Public Works crews will respond to call outs by McPherson County Dispatch after hours for:
    • Emergencies as requested by Sheriff’s Deputies, Fire or EMS.
    • Isolated bad spots as determined by Sheriff’s Deputies and/or Public Works crews.
    • When snow accumulation is to a point that Pubic Works crews determine it’s necessary to be out, any snow removal operation after hours will keep the safety of the Public Works crews a priority.
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