McPherson Area Deeds Recorded Nov. 27


Richard A. and Chelsea S. Aichele to Kelly D. and Bethany A. Sorenson, property in McPherson.

Carolyn Bradley Irrev. Trust to Virginia S. Senchack and Mark L. Bradley, property in Battle Hill and Hayes.

Olive G. Twyman Rev. Living Trust to Twyman Descendant Separate Tr. Benefit of Healey T. Eakes and Tracey T. Fink, property in Turkey Creek.

Alois M. Engel Jr. and Lela Ann Engel to Ann Engle Living Trust, Park Place Subdivision, Block 4, Lot 9.

Kaneridge Estates to Lowell L and Lavonne Koehn, property in Moundridge.

Todd A. Schrag and Michael Lovitt to Joel C. Linder, property in Moundridge.

Jan D. and Stacy I. Thomas to Jan and Stacy Thomas Family Trust, Countryside Lake Addition, Block 3, Lots 8-9.

Bradley A. and Kalisha M. Jantz to Brianna M. Graber and Devon V. Stos, property in Moundridge.

Cory A. and Katherine B. Potter to Daniel B. Clemens, property in New Gottland.

McPherson Habitat for Humanity to Sherrie A. Rickerson, McPherson Ots. Block 136, Lot 9.

Robert L. and Mary Ann Johnson to Stan and Michele Von Strohe, property in Marquette.

Stan and Kimberly K. Ratzlaff to Jacob and Mikayla Struber, property in Galva.

Dennis U. and Beulah M. Unruh Rev. Trust to Bruce D. and Elaine K. Unruh, property in Lone Tree.

Amy J. Dyck to Mid-Kansas Coop Association, property in Moundridge.

Kathryn Dianne and Kenneth Becker to Bobby A. and Kevin Ferbert, property in Galva.

McPherson County Sheriff to Gateway MTG, Regnell’s Addition, Block 1, Lot 1.

Robert L. Davis Investment to Tempe Illinois, Plaza East Amended 2016.

Dale W. and Rebecca A. Venderhoof to Casey Spotted Elk, Miller Addition No. 1, Block 49, Lot 2.

George J. and Kristin A. Schmidt to Stephen T. and Marlene R. Gray, Park Place Subdivision, Block 3, Lots 1-2 and Evergreen Addition, Block 1, Lot 14.

Anne M. Hassler Heidel and Jeffrey D. Heidel to Gregory A. Wheaton, McPherson Ots., Block 2/3, Lot 11.

Margaret D. Singleton Pelnar to Dustin D. and Lexington Kylie Lutt, McPherson Ots., Block 92, Lots 2-3.

Jonathan and Jodi Reazin to Tucker Dauer, North High Addition, Block 1, Lot 3.

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