Mac Baggers Continue To Grow Every Week



What started as a simple game during lake season has turned into the latest trend in McPherson.

Last week, the Mac Braggers Cornhole league had of record of 38 people participating in its weekly tournament. For Dylan Thiessen, one of the founders of the Mac Braggers has high hopes of having an increase in numbers of McPherson residents competing in the cornhole tournament.

“We wanted this,” Thiessen said. “We wanted to grow every week and we’ve been putting in the work to make it grow every week. Every week, we are adding something new. We’re upgrading our equipment and we are getting little more publicity for it so we’re getting there.”

The idea of starting a cornhole league came after the end of lake season. Thiessen and some of his friends wanted to keep going and have McPherson residents involved as a community event.

“When lake season was over we all stopped,” Thiessen said. “So we decided to when lake season is over, we wanted to keep playing,  so we started to open a league and see how feedback was for McPherson and it has turned out really good.”

Thiessen also stated that his other goals are hosting different venues and sporting events in the McPherson area. He also hopes to expand outside of McPherson with the chance to be known statewide and on a national scale.

“We like to one day be recognized in the state of Kansas as an actual points collector and be recognized for the national cornhole league,” Thiessen said.

The Mac Braggers host a weekly tournament at 6 p.m on Wednesdays at the American Legion Post, 401 N. Main St.

Standings from Wednesday’s tournaments-

Advanced Singles

Brandon Holm- 3 PTS

Zach Showalter- 2 PTS

Taylor Krier- 1 PT

Standard League Double Elimination Standings

Travis Steenson- 6 PTS

Brandon Holm- 6 PTS

Levi Baldwin- 5 PTS

Tristan Beckett- 5 PTS

Dylan Thiessen- 4 PTS

Kim Unruh- 4 PTS

Tyler Jones- 3 PTS

Tim Unruh- 3 PTS

Ethan Steenson- 2 PTS

Taylor Krier- 2 PTS

Tanner Jones- 2 PTS

Collin Baldwin- 2 PTS

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