PFAC Going Strong at Mac Hospital


It’s been almost two years since McPherson Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council began meeting to help improve services for patients. The purpose of the PFAC is to provide a voice for patients and families in the design of care where they can offer unique perspectives. The group meets monthly to share their personal experiences in healthcare and discuss improvement ideas with hospital leadership.

The group discusses specific ways the hospital can improve care at a variety of levels. Issues such as registration processes, billing and communication issues are shared openly, with the goal to help hospital staff recognize areas for improvement from those who have experienced it.

But this isn’t just a group whose insight is appreciated but not acted upon.  The hospital considers the opinions representative of all patients, and works hard to implement change based on ideas and experiences of the PFAC.

Jamie Hicks, RN, is the hospital’s medical education coordinator and facilitates the group of volunteers. “Put simply, patients and families lived experiences offer valuable insight, Hicks said.  The PFAC has regularly helped us see what is going well and what needs to be improved.  Working with the PFAC is a joy.  Their care and commitment to McPherson Hospital is outstanding.”

PFAC members see the initiative as a chance to improve services and processes at the hospital, but also a way to give back.  “I really enjoy the collaboration between community members and our hospital,” said member Brandi Jackson. “It is very important to my family to have a great, reputable, local hospital and knowing that this group is striving to bridge our community and our hospital makes me feel like we are making a difference and impacting lives.”

“We are appreciative of this dedicated group of volunteers who have stepped forward to assist us with identifying those areas where we can improve as our community’s hospital,” said Terri Gehring, president and CEO of McPherson Hospital. “It truly shows their commitment to health care. We welcome their perspective and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Anyone with question or an interest in joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council at McPherson Hospital may contact Jamie Hicks at 620-241-2250, extension 530. 

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