Traffic Stop Tuesday – Duty to Report


In the unfortunate event, you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, even with damage, however slight, it is your duty to report the accident. According to Standard Traffic Ordinance 25, in summary, ALL parties involved in a traffic collision [accident] on private property or on a public roadway are required to exchange information with the other party(s) involved. This information exchange must be done at the time of the accident, not at a later time. The driver of a vehicle that strikes another vehicle or property and causes damage must make every possible attempt to locate and notify the owner of the vehicle or property of accident, and/or notify law enforcement.

Accidents that occur on public roadways under the following circumstances must be reported to Law Enforcement: 1) Collective damage to vehicles or property over $1,000.00, 2) Someone is injured or dies as a result of the accident, and 3) Other parties cannot receive information regarding the accident. Drivers who fail to report an accident or leave the scene of an accident before notifying the owner of the property or Law Enforcement may receive a traffic citation.

Please drive courteously and defensively, and make sure you report accidents in accordance with the traffic law requirements.

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