Be Safe During Winter Weather this Weekend


By Managing Editor Teri L. Hansen

Winter weather is in the forecast for this weekend and being safe should be everyone’s top priority.

“Its as simple as this,” Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Ben Gardner said. “There is weather forecasted in our area and it will impact motorist traveling our state.”

The first step in being safe is being “weather aware.” Know what is going on in the areas you are traveling and make smart decisions based on that.

First ask should we travel, Gardner advised. Then maybe decide if you should delay your travels to allow KDOT more time to clear the roads.

If commitments make travel a necessity then make sure you know the safest route to take. A resource is out there specifically for Kansans on the road. Visit to plan your route in the safest way possible.

“After that start adjusting your travels by slowing down, wearing your seatbelt and making safe decisions,” Gardner advised. “Keep yourself as safe as you can because there are others out there that aren’t doing what you hopefully did.”

Even the safest driver can fall victim to happenstance and if this does happen it is best to know how to handle a crash safely. First, if the vehicle is in a safe place, stay inside. This is the safest place to avoid other vehicles.

Use technology, use your phone, to get help, rather than trying to flag someone down, Gardner said.

This situation also has a readily available resource for Kansas drivers. Call *47 to reach the Kansas Highway Patrol dispatch to report an accident and even to request assistance even for tow support.

So be safe out there and make weather aware decisions.

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