Traffic Stop Tuesday – Inattentive Driving


Tis the season for colorful lights, sleds pulled by flying reindeer, and many other sights and sounds of the season. As drivers, our responsibility is to focus on the roadway, and not let these distractions cause us to end up in an accident.

Standard Traffic Ordinance 104 states the following “Every driver whose vehicle, because of his or her driving error or negligent inattention, collides with another vehicle, a person or fixed object, shall be guilty of inattentive driving and in violation of this section”

In conclusion , as drivers, we need to watch the roadway, by not taking in the sights and sounds, texting, reaching for objects in our vehicle that have fallen on the floor, or doing any activity that distracts us from our driving. For everyone’s safety, if you are driving around taking in the sights and sounds, please stop to look or take turns driving. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season.

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