McPherson Area Deeds Recorded Dec. 18


Mugunthu R. Dhananjeyan and Kasturi V. Kundumani to Brookfield Relocation, Suncrest Acres, Block D, Lot 1.

Linda Regehr Trust to Regher Leonard & Smith, property in Little Valley.

Donna L. Dedrick and Elsie Dossett Family Trust, property in Jackson.

Tina L. Christians to Ian David Johnson, property in Lindsborg.

Charlene F. Martin to Charlene F. Martin and Darlene E. Gadson, property in Lindsborg.

Cryus and Gladys A. Wedel to Cryus Wedel and Gladys Wedel Rev. Trust, property in Empire (Galva) and Delmore.

Karil L Bellah Trust to Karil L. Bellah and Dale Sader, property in New Gottland.

James and Becky Witte to Darin L. and Sara Fredrick, property in South Sharps Creek.

Julie S. Koger to Cathrine J. Crane, property in Smoky Hill (Lindsborg).

Trey M. Bagby to Richard A. Aichele, Eastmoor Addition, Block 1, Lot 31.

Charles B. and Jonna L. Criswell to Chelsea R. Smith, McPherson Ots, Block 141, Lot 9.

David W. and Cathy L. Mauch to Anderson Family Rev. Trust, property in New Gottland.

Sheriff McPherson County to USAA Federal Saving Bank, Miller Addition, Block 71, Lots 2 and 3.

Conocohphillips to Phillips 66, property in Castle (Windom).

Christine J. Glahn to Lakendra Bryant, Countryside Addition, Block 1, Lots 6 and 7.

Bengston Land to Tyler and Trisha Bengston, property in Hayes.

Leslie K. and Pam S. Byer to Jalen K. Raber, property in Empire (Galva).

Harold Franklin and Peggy Hamilton to Jalen K. Raber, property in Empire (Galva).

Cheryl Jane and James R. Christiansen to Jalen K. Raber, in Empire (Galva).

Carol Lynn and Floyd Wayne Rush to Jalen K. Raber, in Empire (Galva).

Scott Lienemann to Larry Geist, Barnstormer’s Addition, Block C, Lot 8.

Breanne and Shawn Farley to Aaron and Elizabeth Potter, Freeman Addition, Block 10, Lots 7 and 8.

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