Bullpup Wrestlers Win Abilene Invitational


Sports Editor Peter Holland Jr.

ABILENE— It was a busy weekend for the McPherson High School wrestling as they competed in the Abilene Invitational this past weekend.  The varsity boys, girls and the junior varsity team all won their tournament and left with Abilene with a bunch of first-place finishers.

On Saturday, the boys were the top performers with a total of 252 points, beating out Scott City High School (199.5).  A total of nine players finished in the top three. Leading the Bullpups were Jonah Clarke (170), Mason Thrash (220) and Landon Frantz (195) as the trio were undefeated throughout the tournament and took home gold individually. Rhett Edmonson and Kourtney Craig only had one loss, making it to at least fifth round in their weight class. Craig had a rematch with Dax Hopp of Smoky Valley High School in the championship round, but Hopp was the winner once again and remains undefeated in his season.




The girls and junior varsity team concluded their tournaments on Friday. Natalie Hedlund, Amethyst Hale, Haley Schafer and Holli Giddings each won gold in their weight class. While Gavin Richardson, Javon Clemmons, Tristan Castillo, Curtis Landrum, Lane Thompson and Ryder Peterson were also victorious in their matches on the JV side.

Now on winter break, the Bullpups’ next matches won’t be until the second week of January. As the JV team will be in Concordia on Friday, Jan. 1o, the varsity teams will compete in the Burlington Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 9 a.m.

Final Results of the Abilene Invitational

Varsity (Boys) 


Treyton Pelnar, 4-1, 3rd


Brock Burgess, 3-2, 3rd


Lorenzo Cruzen, 3-2, 5th


Jace Anderson, 0-5, 10th


Collin Pearson, 3-2, 5th


Landon Crews, 3-1, 2nd


Rhett Edmonson, 4-1, 2nd


Nate Rogers, 0-4, 7th


Devin Frantz, 4-1, 3rd


Jonah Clarke, 5-0, 1st


Kourtney Craig, 3-1, 2nd


Landon Frantz, 4-0, 1st


Mason Thrash, 5-0, 1st


Varsity (Girls)

101 G 

Natalie Hedlund, 3-0, 1st

101 G

Riley Baker 1-2, 3rd

109 GB

Aubree Martens, 1-1, 2nd

116 G

Amethyst Hale, 2-0, 1st

123 G

Braelynn Patterson, 0-3, 4th

123 G

Kaleigh Marbut, 2-1, 2nd

130 GA

Catalina Palacios, 1-1, 3rd

130 GB

MaKenzie Fors, 2-1, 2nd

136 G

Cara Hubenett, 1-2, 2nd

136 G

Jessica Kelling, 1-2, 4th

143 G 

Haley Schafer, 3-0, 1st

155 G

Holli Giddings, 3-0, 1st

170 G 

Brittani Burgess, 1-2, 3rd

191 G

Madison Skytte, 2-2, 3rd

Junior Varsity Boys


Skylar Lockard, 1-1, 2nd


Gavin Richardson, 2-0, 1st


Javon Clemmons, 3-0, 1st

160 B 

Caden Burris, 1-1, 2nd

160 B 

Jaytin Gumm, 1-1, 2nd


Gavin Jones, 1-1, 2nd


Curtis Landrum, 2-0, 1st


Ryder Peterson, 3-0, 1st


Lane Thompson, 3-0, 1st


Conner McVicker, 1-1, 2nd

285 B

Tristan Castillo, 2-0, 1st

285 C

Mason Clark, 1-1, 2nd

285 C 

Bo Bacon, 0-2, 3rd

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