McPherson City Planning Commission Meeting Recap


The McPherson City Planning Commission met at 7 p.m. on Dec. 3. Minutes were recently released to the public and will be approved at the next meeting. Here is what you need to know:

There have been 38 Total Zoning Cases for the year to date:

  • 11 Site Plans
  • 2 Plats
  • 4 Re-Zones
  • 9 Conditional Uses
  • 3 Vacations
  • 5 Variances
  • 3 Special Uses
  • 1 Lot Split
  • 2 Zoning Permits
  • 1 Zoning Verifications

There are currently four open cases. One is on hold until further notice. Subdivision revisions have been received from Bickley Foster and a draft is underway for final decisions on two items, coordination with county regulations, coordination with the Comprehensive Plan, and legal review).

A proposed site plan, requested by Mid-Kanas Machine, located at 801 North Highway 81 Bypass, was brought up for vote. The proposal is for a 6,000-square-foot addition to their existing facility, in the I-2, Heavy Industrial District. Randa recused himself from the case because he represents the applicant as a client in this specific case. A quorum of six was declared.

Virgil Lyon delivered a factual report detailing the location of the property and specifics of the site plan. Randa and applicant Eric Shulz explained that the project was intended to expand fabrication, shipping, and receiving at the existing facility with additional parking and an additional driveway. A drainage study was submitted for review, however, McPherson Public Works Director Jeff Woodward determined that the drainage pond described in the plan was not dimensioned. Approval of this site plan is contingent upon approval of the drainage study. 

Alex and Angie Unruh and Randy Hoffman proposed a vacation of a 20-foot pedestrian easement on Block 1, Lots 4 and 5 of the Turnberry Addition. This property is zoned as the R-1, Single-Family Residential District. Randa again recused himself from the case as he represents the applicant as a client in this specific case. A quorum of six was declared. Notification was proper and that no ex parte communication was received. The applicants wish to build a house on Lot 4  at 1109 Heritage Drive and want to remove the easement in order to prevent potential future development in the easement on their property. The case went forwarded to the governing body and was approved on Dec. 30.

A request was brought forth by Schmidt Water Conditioning (Nick Vontz), located at 801 West 1st St. The proposal is for four additional concrete pads for the purpose of placing service business-related kiosks on the lot. The property is zoned B-4, Service Business District. Vontz stated that he currently has one self-service ice and water kiosk on the lot that is doing well. He would like to add a self-service dog wash kiosk to the lot and he would have no issues with any conditions proposed by the zoning administrator.

The site has existing utilities. It will be a heated and cooled kiosk. The existing and proposed kiosks are well-lit with built-in lighting systems, but the McPherson Board of Public Utilities will assist with lighting in the lot, if needed. Black top will eventually be installed in the lot.

The water coming out of the dog wash kiosk would be clean and that it would be clean enough to let it run onto the ground. However, the kiosk must be tied to the sanitary sewer.

Julie Schott stated that Salina’s animal shelter has partnered with the owner of a similar dog wash located in Salina to wash dogs in the shelter and asked Vontz if he might consider doing the same who said he would consider it.

Vontz stated that for the other lots he is thinking about an ATM for one, and possibly a Bitcoin ATM. He will investigate several options before making a final decision.

The situation is unique, in that parking requirements are typically calculated based on the number of employees on commercial and industrial lots. Kiosks do not have any employees, so there is nothing to base a calculation on. ADA-compliant parking space is required for every 25 spaces that would normally be required, and that the space must be van accessible.

The following conditions were put forth to Vontz:

  • All future kiosks shall be 200 SF or less in size.
  • The applicant shall first obtain a Special Use or Conditional Use for any Kiosk offering a service not found in Article 4-111A of the City Zoning Regulation and shall comply with all use restrictions in the B-4, Service Business District.
  • Proposed parking shall include an ADA-compliant, Van Accessible parking space.
  • Show the location of sewer and electrical utilities, both proposed and existing, on the site plan.
  • If the Zoning Administrator subsequently finds that there is a violation of any of the conditions attached to the approval of this site plan, the Zoning Administrator may, in addition to enforcing the other remedies available in the Zoning Regulations, declare that the Zoning Permit/Occupancy Certificate issued for the site plan is null and void.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Jan. 7 in the Commission Room of the Municipal Center, 400 East Kansas Avenue.

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