City Commission Recap Jan. 6


The McPherson City Commission met Monday morning for regular session and here is what you need to know:

Convention & Visitors Bureau

Commissioners approved three visitor attraction grants. One for $1,000 for the 56th Annual Boys High School Basketball Invitational Tournament to be held Jan. 23-25 at the McPherson High School Roundhouse, 801 E. 1st St. as well as $1,000 for the Mid America Girls Classic Tournament to be held at the MHS Roundhouse on Jan. 30, 31 and Feb. 1. They also approved $425 for the Model T Ford Club Winter Clinic to be held at McPherson College on Jan. 24 and 25. 
Building Inspection

Permits are down right now from last year’s totals with 569 to date, compared to 743 last year at this time. However, the cost comparison 2019 shows $113,837,535 compared to $73,633,129 in 2018.

Projects that are in progress include the Viega racking system, Best Western Plus, Johns Manville and Piping Technology.

Fire Department

The McPherson Fire Department signs a Memorandum of Understanding for building inspections and plan reviews with the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal 2020 calendar year inspections and plan reviews were approved.

Police Department

Commissioners approved $1,000 for the annual membership renewal for the Kansas Peace Officers Association.

In an effort to maintain and exceed KS-CPOST State minimums in required training for Law Enforcement and to continue our efforts in maintaining an effective, professional department, I have begun to determine our training needs for 2020,” McPherson Chief of Police Mikel Golden said. “These courses are budgeted training courses held at a variety of local venues with minimal expenditures, as well as various locations around the State and in some cases out of State locations with associated costs. Dates, times and in some circumstances the specific Officers to attend are still unknown. As always and when appropriate, travel forms will be completed.”

Officers will attend various trainings for the 2020 budget year with costs not expected to exceed $28,000.

Interact RMS is our data entry program which stores all reports, photos, videos, and subject information. All officers and office staff have access to this program to prepare cases for court. Caliber Public Safety will be paid the annual amount due of $34,374.52.

Public Lands & Facilities

The annual service charge payment to FE Moran Security Solutions formerly performed by Johnson Security Solutions/Tyco Integrated Security for the Municipal Center security system was paid in the amount of $1,380.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 8.56.27 AMOn Dec. 9, 2019, Storm Water Utility Funds were used as a resource for wages paid for the TCGC creek clean-up. The amount authorized for wages towards the clean-up was $2,000.  $1,300 was spent in 2019, leaving a current balance $700.00. Additional funds  plus the unexpended portion of funds from 2019 will allow $2,700 in wages to complete cleaning of the debris from Turkey Creek between Avenue A and Iron Horse Road. 

At the Dec. 16, 2019, study session for the McPherson City Commission, Kyle Roberts, Aquatics Director, presented a regional report on wages of similar aquatic facilities in the area. Roberts has recommended modifying the compensation levels appropriately to be comparable with regional wage levels of other similar facilities. Commissioners approved the increase.


Public Works

In 2019 the commission approved the transfer of $40,000 from the fire department fund to the Consolidated Street and Highway fund for Parking lot Repairs.  After the original estimated the the fire chief requested additional curb and gutter to be replaced along the tennis courts and thicker pavement.  Since the original estimate we also had an increase in concrete prices.  The latest estimate is $50,117.86, for materials only. 

On Sept. 3, the commission approved a contract with Central Salt-Lyons for salt delivered to the street department for $44.05/ton for 100 tons of salt for the 2019-2020 winter. 

The Sidewalk Maintenance Program has been a successful way to eliminate trip hazards and improve sidewalks for the general public, without the individual property owners having to bear the entire expense. The program will extend into 2020.

The city purchased signs for South Chestnut for the Safe Routes to School sidewalk replacement project, and signs for the traffic signals at Main Street and Euclid Street and Main Street and Marlin Street. Payment will be made to National Sign Company, Inc. for $1,083.94.

Fertilizer application, weed control (herbicide and mowing) disking and re-seeding are very time sensitive.  Timeliness in these operations will reduce overall farming costs. Dennis Friesen has done a good job managing the farm operations. The estimated cost should not to exceed $20,000.  

On Dec. 16, 2019 the commission approved spreading of bio-solids by Sunflower Ag Enterprises for an amount not to exceed $10,000.  They were unable to complete the work in 2019. Two quotes to spread bio-solids produced by the Waste Water Treatment Facility were received.  The lowest quote was from Sunflower Ag Enterprises at $7.70/ton with an estimated 1,200 tons. The cost should not exceed $10,000.

To comply with federal law, the Waste Water Treatment Facility is required to perform laboratory analysis on the bio-solids produced by the facility on a quarterly basis.  There are 23 different parameters analyzed, including nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria. An annual payment of $6,000 to Pace Analytical was approved.

Commissioners approved the 2020 Labor and Equipment Rates for Public Works. A break down is listed here.

Sealing was finished up on Anna Street and adjustment of the inlet tops on the Grimes/Anna Street Reconstruction Project.  Anna Street opened from North High Drive to Barber. Anna Street remains closed from Barber to Grimes Street.  Grimes Street is closed from 1st Street to Loomis Street, with Loomis Street open to traffic east-west.

No work was accomplished on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction Project again last week.  The contractor is holding off on any further removals at this time due to the potential of upcoming seasonal weather. They want to make sure they can cover all the removals they have in the City before the weather turns too cold. Hartup Street (Avenue A to Hancock Street) is closed to through-traffic, with local access from both Avenue A and Hancock Street.  Local traffic can also access Hartup Street from Seitz Street.  Through-traffic on Hartup Street is detoured onto Park Street.

No work on the Hulse Area Drainage Project was completed this week due to wet weather and the holiday.

Work continued on the final grading on the Plaza East Place Street Construction Project.  Work was slowed due to wet weather and the holiday. The intersection of Plaza East Drive (formally a private drive) and Champlin Street is closed.



The nine-foot Baldwin Grand Piano that was used at the Community Building for many years has been stored covered up for at least 10 years. Currently, the piano is being stored at the Municipal Building. The condition would require the piano to undergo an expensive restoration and the availability of space for storage in the Community Building during non-use is at a premium. The market value for this particular type of piano is relatively low and work needed to restore the piano to show quality minimizes the value. Chuck Vetter at Sounds Great will buy the piano as is for $500.


The city budgeted in 2019 to upgrade our Laserfiche Software.  The city will pay Reach Solutions for the software upgrade for the server for an amount of $795, and Galaxie Business Equipment for an amount of $1,010 to complete the upgrade.

Kansas Eastern Regional Insurance Trust has provided the proposed workers’ compensation premiums schedule for the first installment (half) of 2020.  The total premium minus a dividend check is $92,759. Of that amount, $31,075 is Board of Public Utilities’s expense, $249 is the library’s expense, and $61,435 is the city’s expense.   Payment will be made for this portion of the premium in January.

The City of McPherson will hold it annual City Land Bank Meeting on Jan. 20, at 8 a.m. in City Commission Room in the McPherson Municipal Building located at 400 E. Kansas Ave. The board for the City Land Bank is the City Commission. The meeting will be held before the regular City Commission Meeting that morning.

The League of Kansas Municipalities, along with the Kansas Association of Counties, is hosting Local Government Day in Topeka on Jan. 22.  The City of McPherson regularly attends this event.  Because more than one city commissioner may plan to attend, this meeting must be announced publicly.  The following schedule of events will occur on this day:

9 – 11:45 a.m. – Capitol Building, Connecting with your Legislator

12:15 p.m. – Manor Conference Center, Mayors Association Lunch Topeka Capitol Plaza Hotel

2 p.m. – Manor Conference Center, Local Government Day Welcome & Introductions

2:15 p.m. – “If I Were Mayor” Presentations

2:30 p.m. – Statement of Municipal Policy Review

4 p.m. – Legislative Update from Senate and House Leadership

5 p.m. – Capitol Plaza Hotel – Reception with Legislators

7 p.m. – Adjourn

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