New Check-In Process at McPherson Hospital


McPherson Medical and Surgical Associates, a department of McPherson Hospital, announces that patients will soon have a new process for check-in when reporting to see their care providers. Clinic representatives say the new system provided by a company called Phreesia, will ultimately save patients time and create a more accurate record.

Currently, patients must report to the clinic and work through the check-in and registration process which can take some time during busier periods. The new process will allow patients to register for their appointments ahead of time from any smartphone, tablet or computer from home or anywhere.

The new system will also allow for more accurate record-keeping by creating a review process of information during the registration process.

“Medical record accuracy and great patient experiences are important to us,” said Duane Wedel, director of clinics for McPherson Hospital. “That’s why we are partnering with Phreesia to implement this new process that will decrease wait times in the clinic while providing a more accurate patient record.”

Wedel says patients will become accustomed to the new process quickly and will appreciate the added value to their clinic visits. The clinic plans to begin using the new system Jan. 13.

Patients will receive more information with instructions for using the new system as needed.

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