City Commission Recap Jan. 13


The McPherson City Commission met Monday morning for regular session and here is what you need to know:

Humane Society

The city provided funds in the amount of $14,000 in 2019 for the Fix-A-Cat Program.  The amount budgeted for 2020 is $12,000.

Fire Department
The Fire Department budgets annually for the purchase of personal protective equipment from Conrad Fire Equipment. Six members have PPE in need of replacement. The equipment doesn’t fit, has suffered damage and has reached the end of its life. This purchase is mission critical and life safety for continued fire suppression efforts. Commissioners approved the purchase of personal protective equipment from Conrad Fire Equipment for $13,824.78.
Firefighter Peter Kaberline is enrolled in an Emergency Medical Technician class through Hutchinson Community College for the Fire Department. He will attend class at the Galva Fire Department this semester. He will be the third EMT as a Paid Call Firefighter which will be extremely beneficial to the City of McPherson. Commissioners approved payment to Hutchinson Community College for $1,500 for Firefighter Kaberline to attend the Emergency Medical Technician class.
Police Department
As the new radio tower is put into place, older radios need to be replaced so they can use the new tower channels. Five Harris XL-185P portable radios, five mics, and five extra batteries, were budgeted and will be purchased for $17,915.05.
The police department has budgeted for the purchase of three 2020 Dodge Chargers from Midway Motors of McPherson for $25,921.00 each for a total amount of $77,763 and the upbuild of the vehicles by SERV in Andover for a total amount of $18,783.52. These vehicles are expected to be delivered before June of 2020. The amount of $65,643.04 will be paid out of the general fund of the McPherson Police Department budget. The other $30,903.48 will be paid out of the equipment fund.
Public Lands and Facilities
Each year staff requests funding for Greenhouse supplies for all soil amendments, fertilizer, gardening tools, potting soil, flower containers, etc for the 2020 growing season.  Greenhouse annual supplies will be purchased from Hummert International worldwide distributor of horticultural products for $7,518.09. 

2019 was $1,500.00 less than 2018 request and 2020 is $518.09 higher than 2019 request.

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 8.48.17 AM

Annually, staff requests funding for flower bed seeds and plants to be grown in the park department greenhouse. Annual flower bed seeds and plants will be purchased from Ball Horticultural Company for the Park Department’s annual flower bed needs for $12,806.24

City Forester Kody Kraemer, Certified Arborist Jeff Rife, Arborist Bill Rheault, and Arborist Grant Rardon will attend the 65th Kansas Arborists Association Annual Shade Tree Conference and Trade Show in Topeka, Jan. 15-17, for a total amount of $2,500.

Public Works

On Dec. 23, 2019, the commission approved the closing of the alley access onto 1st Street between Carrie Street and Eshelman Street.  An estimate to surface the alley access and to construct a trickle channel in order to provide good drainage from Carrie Street to the ditch along 1st Street runs about $2,741.54.

Dennis Friesen manages the bio-solids land application program for the Waste Water Treatment Facility. His fees are 5% of the gross brome sales. The 2019 farm management fee is $2,609.70. Total gross sales for 2019 is $54,800.52. Total cost for 2019 is $31,555.61, which yielded profit of $23,244.91. A total of 1,285 bales were produced. The average profit over the last five years is $15,282.25 and average number of bales is 891 for the same period.

The street and curb and gutter were placed from Wheeler Street to Grimes Street, on the Grimes/Anna Street Reconstruction Project. Anna Street is open from North High Drive to Barber Street. Anna Street remains closed from Barber Street to Grimes Street.  Grimes Street is closed from 1st Street to Loomis Street, with Loomis Street open to east-west traffic.

No work was accomplished on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction Project again last week.  The contractor is  still holding off on any further removals at this time due to the potential of upcoming seasonal weather. They want to make sure they can cover all the removals they have in the City before the weather turns too cold. Hartup Street (Avenue A to Hancock Street) is closed to through-traffic, with local access from both Avenue A and Hancock Street.  Local traffic can also access Hartup Street from Seitz Street.  Through-traffic on Hartup Street is detoured onto Park Street.

Work continued on the retaining wall near Main Street, on the Hulse Area Drainage Project. Excavation started to accommodate the retaining wall between Myers and North High Drive.

Rock base was completed for Phase II construction (Champlin Street past Applebee’s west entrance) on the Plaza East Place Street Construction Project. The intersection of Plaza East Place and Champlin Street remains closed.


During the Dec. 16, 2019, commission meeting, action was taken to approve the Sale Resolution No. 19-24 which authorized the offering for the sale of General Obligation Temporary Notes, Series A 2020.  It will extend the General Obligation Temporary Notes Series A 2019 maturing Feb. 1, 2020, until August 2020, when the permanent financing will be issued.  This financed the Eagles Wings Phase I and II sanitary sewer and street projects.  The first step in the process was the action on the Sale Resolution by the Commission.  The second step is to adopt the Note Resolution No. 20-01 and other related documents which have been reviewed and approved by the city’s legal counsel, Jeff Houston.  All documents are attached.  Resolution No. 20-01 spells out the purchase price of $695,000 with an interest rate of 1.7%, a maturity date of Nov. 1, 2020, and callable at anytime without penalty.  Also attached is the signed Note Purchase Agreement with Peoples Bank and Trust Company of McPherson.

Gary Mehl was to serve as a city representative on the McPherson Recreation Commission until the expiration date of July 1, 2023.
Motion to approve payment to Knackies for the City holiday party meal for an amount not to exceed $2,183.50.

In December 2019, a catered meal from Knackies for the city holiday party was approved for $2,183.50.

Rehabilitation work was completed at 915 and 917 N. Barber Street last week and the city of McPherson received Payment Request No. 12 for the 2018 Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation and Demolition Project.  This pay request includes payment to Arambula Construction for rehabilitation work completed at 915 N. Barber in the amount of $13,995.00 and payment to SCKEDD in the amount of $763 for related inspection services ($725) plus $38 in mortgage fees the city is responsible for and $3,146.25 which represents the landlords 25% match on the project. This pay request also includes payment to Arambula Construction for rehabilitation work completed at 917 N. Barber in the amount of $27,758.00 and payment to SCKEDD in the amount of $763 for related inspection services ($725) plus $38 in mortgage fees the City is responsible for and $6,564.50 which represents the landlords 25% match on the project. This brings the amount to a total of $33,582.25. To date, with this request, $239,124.50 has been expended of the total $300,000.00 in grant funds. The work on the final structure is expected to be completed by Jan. 15, 2020. Announcements are expected regarding our submitted 2019 CDBG Housing Grant for a southern neighborhood in McPherson in the next several weeks.

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