Bullpups Swimmers Take Over Salina

Sports Editor Peter Holland Jr.
SALINA—  Another day, another first-place win for the McPherson High School boys swim team. On Thursday, the Bullpups were in Salina for back-to-back meets in the Salina Central High School and Salina South. High School division. McPherson won both divisions.
Justus Hampton and Will Powers put on another record-breaking performance. Hampton broke Derrick Goodson’s record in the 200 freestyle race at 1:45.59, while Powers broke his personal record in the backstroke with 54.08.
With the state tournament being only a month away, a total of six Bullpups qualified for state. Matt Powers qualified in the 200 individual medley, 100 butterfly and 100 freestyle. Cody Achilles qualified in the 200 freestyle, and Rhys Vanderhoof in the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly.
“This meet comes always seems to fall at a great time for the Bullpups,” Head Coach Matt Cotton said. “We’re coming off a month of training, the back-to-back meets mean plenty of rest, and the guys are starting to look ahead with an eye towards district and State. We came in with high expectations, and I almost dare to say we managed to exceed them.”
Next Saturday, the Bullpups will be at Wichita Heights High School at 8 a.m.
Final Results:
Places in Salina Central is first.

200 medley relay

5th, 5th MHS A (Houston, Achilles, Shelton and Wurm), 1:55.85. 9.

10th MHS B (Ediger, Burger, Reed and Ramey), 2:06.04.


200 freestyle

1st,1st: Hampton, 1:45.59.

5th, 4th: Achilles, 1:58.06.

6th, 5th: Reed, 2:11.14.


200 individual medley 

2nd, 2nd,  M. Powers, 2:10.2.

6th, 6th: Ediger, 2:28.21.


50 freestyle

1st: W. Powers, 21.49.

2nd, 2nd: Vanderhoof, 23.19.

9th, 10th: Wurm, 25.15.

19th, 21th: Burger, 29.33.


100 butterfly

1st, 1st: M. Powers, 57.17.

2nd, 2nd: Vanderhoof, 58.77.,

9th, 9th: Ediger, 1:11.56.


100 freestyle 

5th, 5th: Wurm, 55.97.

7th, 7th: Houston, 58.56. 13.11. Shelton, 1:03.25.

500 freestyle

1.st, 1st: Hampton, 4:55.64.

4th, 3rd: Achilles, 5:38.12.

5th, 4th: Reed, 6:01.61.


200 freestyle relay 

1st, 1st:  MHS A (W. Powers, M. Powers, Vanderhoof and Hampton), 1:29.75.

6th, 6th: MHS B (Wurm, Houston, Shelton and Achilles), 1:42.15.


100 backstroke

1st, 1st: W. Powers, 54.05.

11th, 12th: Houston, 1:09.42.

12th, 13th:  Shelton, 1:11.21.


100 breaststroke

6th, 8th: Burger, 1:15.1. 12.12. Ramey, 1:26.85.


400 freestyle relay

1st, 1st: MHS A (M. Powers, Vanderhoof, Hampton and W. Powers), 3:18.57.

8th, 8th: MHS B (Ediger, Burger, Ramey and Reed), 4:20.15.


Team Scores:

Salina Central Meet

McPherson 474

Derby 437

Andover 419

Andover Central 379

Salina Central 301


Salina South Meet

McPherson 470

Derby 415

Andover 413

Andover Central 376

Salina South 373


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