City Commission Recap Jan. 20


The McPherson City Commission met Monday morning for regular session and here is what you need to know:

Fire Department
On Dec. 23, 2019, the commission accepted a grant award from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The $3,500 grant is for the purchase of a new extractor washing machine. The current machine is 22 years old and parts are no longer available. Extractors are utilized to remove products of combustion, blood borne pathogens and hazardous materials that our personal protective equipment frequently come in contact with or are contaminated by. Commercial Laundry Sales & Service is the approved vendor for the State of Kansas for extractor washing machines. We received a quote for $9,792 to replace our current machine. The grant brings the city’s share of the machine to $6,292. 

RC Heating & Cooling, Inc. performed annual maintenance on the HVAC units as well as the tube heaters in the apparatus bays. Several units and tube heaters were in need of repair. The technician advised that several of the HVAC units were at end of life and parts are no longer available if one were to fail. The cost to be paid to RC Heating and Cooling, Inc. is $1,085.47.

The National Fire Protection Association subscription is used to reference current and new standards. These updated standards guide the fire department in response, training, equipment acquisition and fire prevention. This is a budgeted item and will cost $1,495.

Commissioners approved the hiring of Casey Hainline for the position of Fire Fighter/Paramedic pending successful pre-employment requirements, effective Jan. 27.

“Hainline excelled in the interview process and has numerous credentials that will be beneficial to the City of McPherson,” McPherson Fire Department Chief TJ Wyssmann said.

Police Department

The McPherson Police Department is purchasing two 2020 Dodge Chargers which will need the WatchGuard RE systems. Two were purchased in 2019 for the 2020 Ford Interceptors. The 48 TB server to accept the wireless download has already been installed. The old WatchGuard systems are no longer serviceable and are becoming obsolete. The WatchGuard RE wireless in-car camera recording systems will cost $10,262. In addition the police department will purchase two XG-75M P25 Mobile Radios with programming from Ka-Comm., Inc. for $7,893.90.

The School Crossing Guard program provides 171 days of in session school-days at eight sites, for two hours a day, equalling 2,736 hours annually at $26.62 an hour for a total of $72,832.32. USD 418 Superintendent Gordon Mohn has agreed to pay one half of this amount leaving the McPherson Police Department a total cost of $36,416.16. This covers the time frame of May 4, 2020 until May 3, 2021.

In 2019, McPherson County Emergency Communications reports assigning 17,873 calls for service to the Police Department. The stats reported indicate an increase of 1,033 calls for service for our Agency compared to 2018.

Records indicate that in 2019, our Officers took 2,226 reports, which include felony, misdemeanor, informational, and collision reports. These numbers have increased from 2018 numbers– where officers had taken a total of 1,994 reports. This is an increase of 232 reports for the year.

In 2019, our Officers issued a total of 2,651 citations.  These numbers have also increased, when compared to the 2018 citation statistics of 1,490 issued. This is an increase of 1,161 citations.

VIN inspections have also increased over the last year. In 2019, there were a total of 1,713 inspections completed, whereas in 2018, we had a total of 1,630 vehicle inspections; an increase of 83 VIN inspections.

Animal Services numbers have also increased. In 2018, we had 183 animals impounded as opposed to 188 in 2019, an increase of five impounded animals. Animal citation numbers are: 49 total citations issued in 2019 and 46 citations in 2018, an increase of 3 citations issued in 2019. Adoptions from the shelter have declined with 52 adopted in 2019 and 57 in 2018. A decrease of five animals adopted.

Public Lands & Facilities

City Forester Kody Kraemer will attend the Midwestern Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture 2020 Annual Conference and Trade Show – TRAQ Renewal Course, in Overland Park Jan. 27-30. The cost of this trip will be $1,000.

The TRAQ program offers tree care professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of tree risk assessment by learning a standardized, systematic process for assessing tree risk and providing information to tree owners and risk managers for making informed decisions that will promote the safety of people and property and enhance tree benefits, health, and longevity. The TRAQ credential is valid for five years from the date it is earned. A credential holder must take the renewal course and pass its exam every five years in order to renew the credential.

Planning & Zoning

A request was granted to Thomas Pyle III for the vacation of a five-foot wide portion of the easement over a distance of 104 feet, west to east, from the west property line of 705 W Kansas Ave., reducing the entire easement to nine feet, five inches on property zoned as the B-4, Service Business District.

It has been determined through discussion among staff members that an application for the establishment or renewal of a Manufactured Home Park License would be of great assistance in making sure that standards in new and existing parks are upheld. An application was approved to insure a proper case-by-case review of each application and includes a requirement for approval by the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator is responsible for enforcement of the city’s Manufactured Home Park Regulations.

Foster and Associates provided a copy of their 2020 Agreement. There are no changes from 2019 Agreement. The total value of the Agreement is $8,000 which was approved.

Public Works

Public works needs to replenish concrete supplies. They need 300 sheets of wire matting, 4,000 linear feet of 3-inch bar chairs, 1,500 linear feet of 4-inch bar chairs, 55 gallons of curing compound, 6-concrete blankets, 50-7/8×18-inch concrete nail stakes 50-7/8×24-inch concrete nail stakes, and six concrete rakes. These items will be purchased from Carter-Waters for $11,900.

As required by the Environmental Protection Agency to stay compliant with our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit, McPherson is required to obtain and test storm water samples during a 1/4-inch or greater rainfall event four times per year.  The cost of the testing through Pace Analytical is approximately $1,300 for a total cost oft $5,200.

The garage door opener for the sewer truck bay has failed and needs to be replaced. The unit is 20 years old and will be replaced by Cheney Door Company with a Liftmaster T75 16-foot sectional garage door opener with brake for $1,189.

Curb and gutter was placed between 1st Street and Anna Street on the Grimes/Anna Street Reconstruction Project.  Forming continued on sidewalk and driveways in the same area. Storm sewer pipe installation continued between Loomis Street and Hulse Street on the east side. Anna Street remains closed from Barber Street to Grimes Street.  Grimes Street is closed from 1st Street to Loomis Street.

No work was accomplished on this project again last week on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction Project.  The contractor is still holding off on any further removals at this time. Hartup Street (Avenue A to Hancock Street) is closed to through-traffic, with local access from both Avenue A and Hancock Street.  Local traffic can also access Hartup Street from Seitz Street.  Through-traffic on Hartup Street is detoured onto Park Street.  

No work was accomplished on this project except for making the saw cuts for the sewer on Hulse on the Hulse Area Drainage Project. Hulse Street will be closed to through-traffic from North High Drive to Crescent Lane.  Residents will be blocked out of their drives for up to two days as the sanitary sewer work starting at North High Drive progresses west toward Crescent Lane.

String line was set for the curb and gutter installation, but the rock base was too wet to place curb and gutter on the Plaza East Place Street Construction Project. Work will be held up here indefinitely. This time of year we do not get much drying time.


Rehabilitation work was completed at 1000 N. Main St. last week and the city of McPherson received Payment Request No. 13 for the 2018 Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation and Demolition Project. This pay request includes payment to DH Home Improvement for rehabilitation work completed at 1000 N. Main St. in the amount of $32,150 and payment to South Central Kansas Economic Development District in the amount of $763 for related inspection services $725 plus $38 in mortgage fees the city is responsible for and $7,775 which exceeds the landlords 25% match on the project. This pay request also includes payment to SCKEDD for the HQS Inspection Services $1,000 and lead based paint risk assessments $2,000 on 915 and 917 N. Barber for a combined total of $3,000. The total amount being requested on the CDBG Payment Request #13 is $28,100.00. To date, with this request, $267,224.50 has been expended of the total $300,000 in grant funds. All homes approved for demolition and rehabilitation have now been completed as part of this grant.  Some final costs for inspection and administration are still to follow.  Final monitoring for the grant is scheduled for Jan. 29.

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