Missed the Mark: Player of the Week Discussion


Local news is changing. Newspapers are cutting back and closing their doors, or selling to large corporations that lack ties to the towns they are reporting on.

In my opinion, this hurts smaller communities. Keeping connected with each other is vital and a shared news source is a key part of that. I am thankful that McPherson has welcomed the McPherson Buzz and that our readership has exceeded my expectations so soon.
We do our best to have open lines of communication, listen to feedback, and engage with the community. I know we can’t please everyone all the time, but we like to get as close as we can. We are always learning new ways to provide news and coverage that is relevant and timely to you.
This past week we missed the mark. We have been allowing the public to vote on Player of the Week. After some internal discussion and much thought, it is my decision  to continue to honor our athletes, but not allow a public vote. It is unhealthy for the students to be publicly judged by peers and parents when our goal was to bring attention to exceptional play or point out an example of sportsmanship. Responsibly navigating social media is a job we must all do and providing a good example for our youth is paramount.
We will still have our Player of the Week and we will continue to explore ways to honor many people in our community.
We work very hard to bring you a publication that McPherson can be proud of and I will always welcome your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for letting us be a continued source for you and for McPherson.

Jennifer Flood, Owner of McPherson Buzz

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