McPherson Hospital’s Public Face Becomes “McPherson Center for Health”


In an effort to showcase its growing breadth of services, McPherson Hospital is introducing a new identity under the umbrella “McPherson Center for Health.”

“As we have expanded services and responded to our community’s health needs, we have become more than a hospital,” said McPherson Hospital President and CEO Terri Gehring. “The ‘McPherson Center for Health’ identity is a major step forward in realizing our vision of being a vibrant and thriving five-star center for health and our community’s first choice for health and wellness.”

Gehring said the organization’s official business name will continue to be McPherson Hospital, Inc., and patients will continue to see that name on billing forms and other official business.

“We are excited to acquaint people with all that McPherson Center for Health has to offer,” Gehring said. “We strive to help people of all ages live their best life possible, and that means providing excellent health services to all we serve.”

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