McPherson Invitational Roundup


Sports Editor Peter Holland Jr.

The 56th annual McPherson Invitational was underway on Thursday. Bishop Carroll High School, Derby High School and Lawrence Free State High School were victorious and will advance to the next round.

Derby outshot Seaman

1st 2nd 3rd 4th F

Der  23 18 18 18    77

SEA 13 9 20 16      58

It was not only raining snow showers, but it was also raining 3s for the Derby boys.  After knocking 47 percent from behind the arc, the Derby would beat out Topeka-Seman High School, 77-58.

Nick Bonner shot 4 for 4 from the 3-point line in the first half and 6 for 8 from the field. He led the Panthers with 20 points. Isaac Ray (13 pts.) and Jacob Karsak (12 pts.) were also in double figures. Tre  Washington only had three points but had eight assists.

Derby was 6 of 10 from behind the arc in the first quarter. By the start of the second half, the Panthers were up by 20. Kaeden Bonne led the Vikings with 13, and Micah Kobuszewski had 12.

The Panthers will advance to the next round and face Lawrence Free State on Friday. Seaman, still winless, will move will play in the consolation round to face Junction City High School.

Final Stats

Derby: Bonner 20 pts, Isaac Ray 13 pts., Karsak 12 pts., Adler 8 pts., L. Clemons 6 pts., Chadwich 5 pts., J. Clemons 4 pts., Washington 3 pts., Araujo 2 pts., Barger 2 pts., Thomas 2 pts.

Seaman: Bonne 13 pts., Kobuszewski 12 pts., Brewer 9 pts., Patterson Jr. 8 pts., Zeferjahn 5 pts., Foster 4 pts., Cowan 4 pts., Finley 3 pts.


Lawrence Free State shuts down Junction City 

1st 2nd 3rd 4th F

JC    8 17  7  6       38

LFS 14 11 16 12   53

It was a low-scoring defensive ballgame but Lawrence Free State High School shut down Junction City in the second half, defeating the Blue Jays 53-38.

After only settling for eight points in the first quarter, Junction City picked it up offensively with 17 points in the second quarter, Terrance Tedder knocked a halfcourt shot to tie the game at 25 by end of the first half. Tedder led the Blue Jays with 16 points.

D. K. Middleton of Lawrence Free State had a strong second half by picking up 10 points after only having two in the first. He also made some excellent passes, looking for his big man, Miles Branch, who picked up 10 points. Middleton finished with 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists.  Free State only allowed 13 points in the final two quarters, shutting the Blue Jays down right to the final second in the fourth quarter

Free State will move on to face Derby High School in the next round on Friday.

Final Stats

JC: Tedder 16 pts., Humphreys 10 pts., Dixon 5 pts., Johnson 4 pts., Ruffin 3 pts.

LFS: Middleton 12 pts., Yoder 11 pts., Branch 10 pts., Piper 6 pts., Daniels 5 pts., Hawkins 4 pts., Lincoln 3 pts., Downing 2 pts.

Bishop Carroll takes care of business against Wichita North

1st 2nd 3rd 4th F

WN    8 10 10 15        43

BC     17 15 22  16     70

Top seed Bishop Carroll High School won the first round with ease. The Golden Eagles routed Wichita North High School and will advance to the next round to face the winner of the McPherson-Blue Valley game.

By halftime, the Golden Eagles were up 32-18 and outscored Wichita North in the third, 22-10. The Goldens shot 47 percent from the field. Alex Littlejohn and Enrique Lankford both were Bishop Carroll’s top scorers with 18 points.  Littlejohn was one rebound shy of a double-double. Emmanuel Gonzalez for Wichita North was the only player to reach double figures with 13 points.

Final Stats

WN: Gonzalez 13 pts., Todd 6 pts., Carter 5 pts., Lawrie 4 pts., Ruffin 4 pts., Diaz 3 pts., Underwood 3 pts.,

BC: Lankford 18 pts., Littlejohn 18 pts., St. Vrain 9 pts., Rottinghaus 7 pts., Mans 6 pts., Reid 5 pts., Larkin 5 pts., Bullinger 2 pts.,



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