McPherson Police Responde to Theft Incidents

McPherson Police Department officers responded to two incidents of theft in two days.
At 12:56 p.m. on Jan 21, officers responded to a business on North Champlin Street.
“The complainant reported 14 Televisions, valued at $5,600.00, stolen from the business,” McPherson Police Department Administrative Captain/Public Information Officer Mark Brinck said. “Investigation continues. If anyone has information concerning this incident or any other criminal activity, please report that information to McPherson County Crime Stoppers by calling 620-241-1122 or via their Facebook page, McPherson County Crime Stoppers.”
At 5:09 p.m. on Jan. 22, officers responded to another call, this time on North Main Street. However, the theft was unfounded.
“Officers were dispatched to a business in reference to a possible theft. The theft was unfounded,” Brinck said.
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