City Commission Recap Jan. 27


The McPherson City Commission met Monday morning for regular session and here is what you need to know:

McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation

The McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation gave their annual report. Included in the information were some important numbers for 2019.

To see the report in its entirety to include important dates for 2020, a letter from the director and a complete list of members and donors, visit

Convention & Visitors Bureau

CVB Director Joni Regnier will be attending the Travel Industry Association of Kansas Destination Statehouse Conference in Topeka on Feb. 5-6. The trip will cost $596.35.
A $1,000 Visitor Attraction Grant for McPherson High School for the 13th Annual McPherson Girls Soccer Invitational to be held on March 31 and April 2-3 was approved.
The King Midas Band will be performing at the street dance during the All Schools Day Celebration on May 8, for $1,650.
Fire Department

The Fire Department Executive Assistant will be attending FIREHOUSE training. FIREHOUSE is the Fire Department’s Records Management System. Formal training has never been received on the system. This is vital to fulfill required reporting to the State and Federal National Fire Incident Reporting System. The ESO FIREHOUSE training academy is in Austin, Texas. The training academy is $799, flights, hotel and lodging is $1,182 for a total of $1,981 for the training.

Public Lands & Facilities

Commissioners approved a motion to purchase, under the most recent State Bid Contract, of one Grasshopper 725DT6/61″ mower from Hometown Outdoor Power Inc., McPherson, for the Cemetery, for $10,223 and two Hustler Super 104 EFI Vanguard mowers from Hometown Outdoor Power Inc., McPherson, for the Park Department, for  $32,972. The 2020 Equipment Budget has $16,000 allocated for the tone Grasshopper 725DT6/61″ mower and $50,000 allocated for the two hustler mowers.
Public Works
An invoice was received from Esri for our GIS software maintenance for 2020.  The cost is $2,200 per year.  Public Works will pay $1,400, the Police Department and the Fire Department have each agreed to pay for one single user license.  Cost for one license is $400 with a $100 discount for the second license for a $300 total. Police Department and Fire Department are each willing to pay $400. The total 2020 subscription will be $5,480.
A new larger rock screener will be purchased from Columbia Equipment Sales, Inc., Chattaroy, Washington for $14,325. The existing screener will be moved to the cemetery.  This will allow the department to screen all dirt needed at the Cemetery and screen all rock/asphalt at the debris site and prevent commingling of materials. The sum of $2,000 was transferred from Public Lands and Facilities to the Street Department fund.  The remaining $12,325 will be covered from the Street Department equipment fund.
With the decision to mill and overlay Hulse Street  (Main to North High Drive), the existing loop detectors at the intersection of Main/Hulse will be removed with the milling operation.  We would like to take this opportunity to upgrade this traffic signal to video detection. A signal upgrade has been approved for $25,205, which includes $5,325 to L&S Electric, LLC for labor and $19,880 to Gades Sales Company, Inc. for parts and equipment.
Public works received a complaint about a needed curb repair and driveway approach at 504 S. Walnut. The curb and driveway approach is broken up at this location.  It will caost approximately $1,188.81, for materials only, to complete the work.
The Board of Public Utilities requested the installation of J boxes and GRC 90’s when the street light conduit is installed along Plaza East Place.  Installing the J boxes and GRC 90’s with the street light conduit now will be less expensive than BPU installing them at a later date. Vogts-Parga Construction has quoted $2,250 for the work.
The item of 18″ slotted pipe drain was increased 5 L.F. due to an error in the contract documents, on the Plaza East Place Construction Project. The bid item quantity sheets recorded 66 L.F. and the plans showed installation of 71 L.F. required.  The bid item of trench & flowable fill/jetted sand was increased 117 L.F. to trench and backfill private waterline and conduit for the Field House sign lighting system. Both quantities were overrun at the contract unit prices for a total increase of $4,735.
Forming continued on sidewalk and driveways between 1st and Loomis Streets on the Grimes/Anna Street Reconstruction Project. Storm sewer pipe installation continued between Loomis Street and Hulse Street on the east side. Anna Street remains closed from Barber Street to Grimes Street.  Grimes Street is closed from 1st Street to Loomis Street.
No work was accomplished on this project again last week on the Hartup-Elizabeth Street Reconstruction Project.  The contractor is still holding off on any further removals at this time. Hartup Street (Avenue A to Hancock Street) is closed to through-traffic, with local access from both Avenue A and Hancock Street.  Local traffic can also access Hartup Street from Seitz Street.  Through-traffic on Hartup Street is detoured onto Park Street.
Removal of pavement on Hulse Street between Myers Street and North High Drive was started to accommodate the new sanitary sewer on the Hulse Area Drainage Project.  No other work was accomplished due to wet and cold weather. Hulse Street will be closed to through-traffic from North High Drive to Crescent Lane.  Residents will be blocked out of their drives for up to two days as the sanitary sewer work starting at North High Drive progresses west toward Crescent Lane.
Work will be held up here indefinitely on the Plaza East Place Street Construction Project.  This time of year we do not get much drying time.
The Emergency Solutions Grant Grant Reimbursement Request No. 6 in the amount of $12,464.88 brings the 2019 ESG Grant running total to $56,278.23 which equates to 60% of the awarded $94,055. The grant is funded by Kansas Department of Health and Environment and is administered by the city of McPherson for the benefit of McPherson Housing Coalition for their homeless prevention programs and activities.
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