Bullpup Bowlers Beat El Dorado


Sports Editor Peter Holland Jr.

EL DORADO — Despite the snowy weather and road conditions in the Butler County area, that didn’t stop the McPherson High School bowling team from getting a clean sweep over El Dorado High School on Tuesday evening.

“It was a hard day with the traveling and weather,” Head Coach Herb Halinski said. “The teams did a good job but we need to work on spares as this was the worst we have shot spares all year long.  We will practice those and be ready for Friday.”

The Bullpup boys beat the Wildcats 2,265-1,979. Blake Snyder was the top performer for the boys as he bowled a 574. Taylor Miller, who had 562 and Tytin Goebel, who had 555, were not too far away as they were over 500 as well.

The Lady Pups were also successful with the 1,830-1,706.  Heidi Allen and Naomy Aguilar led the Bullpup girls. Allen recorded a 475, while Aguilar had 469.

Next up for the bowlers, they will host Circle High School at Starlite Lanes on Friday at 3 p.m.

Final Scores

Varsity Boys

Blake Snyder —153-195-226—574

Taylor Miller — 178-158-226—562

Tytin Goebel — 147-182-224—555

Dylan Krehbiel —192-168-160–520

Jared Armstrong — 189-138-162—489

Clayton Everhart —156-135-169–460


Junior Varsity Boys

Wyatt Eisenbarth — 200-157-166—523

Blade Einfeldt —110-108-141—359

Dakota Brown — 79-105-83—267


Varsity Girls

Heidi Allen — 121-157-197—475

Naomy Aguilar — 146-169-155—469

Haylee Busch — 128-177-138—443

Kylee Busch — 136-143-156—435

Birkley Schwartz — 127-112-122—361

Madison French — 68-107-149—315

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