McPherson Area Deeds Recorded Jan. 22-28


Jacob and Jill Stern to Shannon and Joni Train and Karen M. Dickson, property in Moundridge.

Laurence O. Clark to Laurence O and Joann M. Clarke Family Trust, property in Jackson (Conway).

E. Tom Pyle III and Elizabeth A. Pyle to E. Thomas Pyle III Living Trust, property in McPherson.

Bret A. and Michelle Ciesielski to Bret A. and Michelle Ciesielski, property in Canton.

Laverna J. Chenault to Jeff W. Foster Rev. Living Trust, property in McPherson.

Christina Mines to Corin E. Davis and Jared Mines, property in Galva.

Daniel C. and Larla J. Proctor to Scott E. and Susan R. Achenbach, property in Lindsborg.

Mark and Diana Larson Trust to Mark T. and Diana M. Larson, property in Delmore.

Esther M. Foth Rev. Trust to Marilyn Jane and Howard J. Schmidt and L and RC Rev. Living Trust, property in Turkey Creek.

Rick L. and Cynthia L. Opat to Michael Keith and Kerryn Elizabeth McQuilliam, property in Lindsborg.

Lillie Wedel Livign Trust to Joyce Eileen Vogts and Suzanne Marie Miller, property in Turkey Creek.

Craig E. and Elaine M. Miller to Craig and Elaine Miller Rev. Trust, Cook’s Subdivision, Block 1, Lots 1-2 and North Park Addition, Lots 4-5.

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