KDOT Announces Approved December Bids


The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place Jan. 15, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

District Two — North Central

McPherson ‑ 135‑59 KA‑3942‑01 – I-135, bridge #025 (over I‑135 westbound lanes and eastbound lanes) located 1.52 miles north of the alternate U.S. 81 highway, bridge replacement, Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co. Inc., Wichita, Kan., $2,323,808.62.

Statewide ‑ 4‑106 KA‑5367‑01 ‑ K‑4, from the Saline/Dickinson county line east to the K‑4/K‑43 junction and from the south city limits of Gypsum east to the Saline/Dickinson county line, sealing, 21.3 miles, Vance Brothers Inc. and Subsidiary, Kansas City, Mo., $565,630.89.

District One — Northeast

Atchison ‑ 159‑3 KA‑5455‑01 – U.S. 159, from the north city limits of Nortonville (Atchison/Jefferson county line) north to the west city limits of Effingham, milling and overlay, 11.4 miles, Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Mo., $1,039,582.17.

Brown ‑ 7 C‑4951‑01 – Bridge over Muddy Creek located 1 mile east and 2.6 miles north of Wetmore, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, Ebert Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiary, Wamego, Kan., $555,571.13.

Brown ‑ 20‑7 KA‑5443‑01 ‑ K‑20, from the east U.S. 73/K‑20 junction east to the Brown/Doniphan county line, milling and overlay, 5.5 miles, Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Mo., $502,299.78.

Doniphan ‑ 20‑22 KA‑5444‑01 ‑ K‑20, from the Brown/Doniphan county line east to the K‑7/K‑20 junction, milling and overlay, 15.4 miles, Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Mo., $1,413,790.56.

Jefferson ‑ 92‑44 KA‑5448‑01 ‑ K‑92, from the north city limits of McLouth east to the Jefferson/Leavenworth county line, sealing, 5.5 miles, Vance Brothers Inc And Subsidiary, Kansas City, Mo., $150,654.80.

Jefferson ‑ 44 KA‑5445‑01 – U.S. 59, from the south city limits of Oskaloosa north to north of 198th Street and K‑92, from Union Street in Oskaloosa east to the U.S. 59/K‑92 junction, milling and overlay, 14.0 miles, Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Mo., $3,165,033.11.

Johnson ‑ 46 KA‑5403‑01 ‑ Various locations along I‑435 and U.S. 69, signing, Fulsom Brothers Inc., Cedar Vale, Kan., $269,936.50.

Johnson ‑ 35‑46 KA‑5404‑01 ‑ Overhead sign truss (serial # 046S342) over southbound I‑35 located 0.1 mile north of College Boulevard and overhead sign truss (serial # 046S0172) over northbound I‑35 located a quarter mile south of Quivira Road, signing, Collins & Hermann Inc., Saint Louis, Mo., $253,565.00.

Statewide ‑ 116‑106 KA‑5449‑01 ‑ K‑116, from the Jackson/Atchison county line east to the west U.S. 159/K‑116 junction, from the east U.S. 159/K‑116 junction east to the U.S. 59/K‑116 junction and from the K‑16/K‑116 junction east to the Jackson/Atchison county line, milling and overlay, 22.0 miles, Herzog Contracting Corp., Saint Joseph, Mo., $2,324,347.69.

Statewide ‑ 73‑106 KA‑5452‑01 ‑ U.S. 73, from the Wyandotte/Leavenworth county line north to south of Ida Street (4-lane divided/4-lane) and from the U.S. 24/State Avenue/U.S. 73/K‑7 junction north to the Wyandotte/Leavenworth county line, milling and overlay, 9.5 miles, Superior Bowen Asphalt Company LLC, Kansas City, Mo., $3,581,183.38.

District Three — Northwest

Russell ‑ 281‑84 KA‑2370‑02 – U.S. 281, from 15th Street in Russell north to Land Road, grade and surfacing, 3.0 miles, Sporer Land Development Inc., Oakley, Kan., $9,884,649.96.

District Four — Southeast

Crawford ‑ 126‑19 KA‑3103‑01 – K-126, bridge #039 (over the Kansas City Southern Railway) located 0.47 mile east of the U.S. 69 Business/K-126 junction in Pittsburg, bridge replacement, B & B Bridge Company LLC, St Paul, Kan., $6,293,497.57.

Crawford ‑ 69‑19 KA‑4911‑01 – U.S. 69, from approximately 700 feet south of 20th Street, north to approximately 700 feet north of 20th Street in Pittsburg, milling and overlay, 0.3 mile, Koss Construction Co., Topeka, Kan., $1,280,097.85.

Greenwood ‑ 54‑37 KA‑5528‑01 – U.S. 54, bridge #068 (over the Verdigris River) located 0.3 mile west of the Woodson County line, bridge repair, PCI Roads, LLC, Saint Michael, Minn., $97,106.00.

Linn ‑ 07‑54 KA‑5456‑01 ‑ K‑7, from the K‑152/K‑7 junction north to the Linn/Miami county line, milling and overlay, 4.0 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kan., $433,877.90.

Miami ‑ 07‑61 KA‑5457‑01 ‑ K‑7, from the Linn/Miami county line north to the U.S. 169/K‑7 junction, milling and overlay, 7.9 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kan., $959,822.49.

District Five — South Central

Barton ‑ 281‑5 KA‑3892‑01 – U.S. 281, bridge #016 (over unnamed marsh drainage) located 2.52 miles north of the U.S. 56/K‑156/K‑96 junction, bridge replacement, L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, Kan., $584,273.45.

Sedgwick ‑ 54‑87 KA‑5044‑01 – U.S. 54, bridges #496 and #497 (over Tyler Road) located 2.36 miles west of the U.S. 54/I‑235 junction in Wichita, bridge repair, Highway Heavy Repair LLC, Rogers, Minn., $824,537.83.

District Six — Southwest

Haskell ‑ 144‑41 KA‑5529‑01 ‑ K‑144, bridge #011 located at the U.S. 83/U. S. 160/K‑144 junction, bridge repair, PBX Corporation & Subsidiary, Sapulpa, Okla., $49,625.74.

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