McPherson County Commission Meeting Recap Feb. 3


The McPherson County Commission met for its regular meeting Feb. 3. Here is what you need to know.


Per the meeting agenda, the commissioners approved the checks, claims, adds and abates. For a full list of those approved click here.

Old Mill Museum

The Old Mill Museum recently saw upgrades and repairs to the windows. However, the 

Power House building did not receive the same TLC. A quote has been submitted from 

Sprowls Construction and Restoration 


Services LLC for $6,100 for the work necessary. Outside of tax dollars, a sum of $77,296 is available in donations for the museum.

Sheriff’s Office 2019 Stats and Reports

The 2019 calendar year did not produce any asset forfeitures or seizures for the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office.

There were 3,388 civil process papers served. Also the following statistics were :

Summons – 1,306

Subpoenas – 1,002

Prevention from Abuse Orders – 


Citations – 54

Court Orders – 162

Executions – 42

Tax Warrants – 274

Garnishments – 239

Misc. – 8

Accidents Worked – 446

Criminal Cases – 353

Traffic Tickets – 1,316

Jail operating costs ran at $1,221,820.70. The total number of arrests for 2019 was 1,246, with 570 of those for McPherson County and 676 were held for other agencies.



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