McPherson County Commission Meeting Recap Jan. 20


The McPherson County Commission recently released the official minuted for the meeting held Jan. 20. Here is what you need to know:

Executive Director for STEP MC Austin Regier, updated commissioners on the STEP MC program and reviewed data regarding poverty rates in McPherson County as well as  improvements made by program participants in areas of household income, employment status, housing status and education status.

Planning/Zoning/Environment Administrator John Verssue updated commissioners on the Civic Discourse Leadership Project 2020 through Kansas 4-H and Kansas State University. The Kansas 4-H, McPherson County 4-H Chapter, and McPherson College have partnered  together to bring the project to McPherson County and are encouraging students to participate in training
sessions to enhance leadership skills. The program sessions will take place in the months of February, March, and April of 2020. McPherson County Under Sheriff Christians announced the upcoming retirement of Sgt. Deputy Bill Blair. A motion to fill the vacancy as well as a current vacancy as soon as possible to allow time for training was approved. A request to purchase three direction sensing radar units for department vehicles from Stalker Radar Applied Concepts, Inc. for $8,755, was also approved.
Director of Emergency Management/Communications Julie McClure, was approved to hire Megan Dauer as a new Communications Technician effective Feb. 24. McClure was also appointed as the representative for McPherson County on the South Central Region Homeland Security Council for January through December of 2020. 

Health Department Billing Specialist Christianna Stocks was approved to write off $700.57 of uncollectible debt for the quarter ending Dec. 31, 2019.

County Appraiser Kim Romero was approved to update the job description for a Commercial/Industrial Appraiser, and a job re-evaluation and wage adjustment for Jolyn Johnston-Myers effective Feb. 23.

Public Works Director Tom Kramer was approved to purchase three RCBs and two concrete pipes for existing structures from McPherson Concrete Products for $99,527.26. He was also approved for paint striping truck upgrades from EZ Liner: a guidance camera system assembly for $8061.57; and a control system full upgrade for $12,649.36. 

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