McPherson Municipal Court Convictions


Number of Defendants 34
Number of Cases 34
Number of Offenses 41

Jolinalynn M. Achiu- Speeding 21 over- 1/18/20
Rianna M. Bandy- Speeding 14 over-1/14/20
Cupertino Banuelos- Texting while driving- 2/12/20
Kendal W. Behrns- Driving while suspended, registration violation, no proof of insurance-9/27/19
Lance A. Brown- Speeding 12 over- 2/10/20
Gracie A. Bruton- Speeding 15 over- 1/14/20
McKenzie C. Culver- Minor in possession of alcohol- 10/08/19
Christopher G. Dittrick- Speeding 13 over- 1/11/20
Shyanne M. Fernandez- No seatbelt- 1/18/20
James L. Gates- Trespassing Class B- 9/26/19
Christine G. Goad- Speeding 13 over- 2/01/20
Charles W. Hayes- Speeding 14 over- 12/09/19
Jermae M. High- Speeding 15 over- 1/29/20
Robert C. Hill- Stop and Yield Sign- 2/03/20
Nicholas A. Hinnergardt- interference with LEO- 11/02/19
Peter A. Holland- Speeding 17 over-2/08/20
Angela J. Howell- Habitual Violator- 8/16/19
Samantha M. Huff- Interference with LEO, driving while suspended, stop and yield signs- 10/1/19
Brady E. Jones- Speeding 11 over- 2/5/20
Edward B. Jones- Stop and yield signs- 2/6/20
Christian P. Justice- Stop and yield signs- 12/1/19

Devin Medina- stop and yield signs and no proof of insurance- 11/8/19
Karl F. Meyer- Speeding 16 over- 1/29/20
Anna M. Mullins- Speeding 14 over- 1/29/20
Robert G. Peterson- Driving while suspended, speeding 21 over, no proof of insurance- 8/26/19
Gerald D. Powell II- Disobey traffic signal- 1/19/20
Branden L. Saliba- Speeding 13 over (School Zone)- 11/22/19
Jeremiah C. Soos- Speeding 22 over- 1/23/20
Derek F. Sprunger- Inattentive Driving- 1/28/20
Sandra L. Thompson- Speeding 14 over- 1/15/20
Catrina A. Wallace- Speeding 12 over- 2/06/2020
Karson J. Waters- Speeding 13 over- 1/19/20
Johnathan D. Williams- Registration Violation- 2/11/20
Angela C. Wohler- Speeding 13 over- 2/01/20

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