McPherson Municipal Court Convictions for 2/17-2/21/20


Doretta Gale Abshire, No Seatbelt, 2/01/20

Sara Kathryn Anderson, Speeding 20 over, 1/29/20

Edward Roger Birtch, Speeding 14 over, 1/20/20

Alexa Katharina Boyd, Dog at Large, 1/21/20

Maria J. Brito-Moura, Disobey Traffic Signal, 1/21/20

Kelsey Nechelle Cole, Speeding 16 over (School Zone), 1/14/20

Logan Christopher Dean, Speeding 14 over, 1/25/20

Climyel Jerome Dishmon, No proof of insurance, 10/03/19

Richard A. Edwards, No seatbelt, 2/19/20

Russell D. Flaming, Improper Backing, 2/17/20

Leigh Ann Funk, No driver’s license in possession and no proof of insurance, 12/15/19

Brook Austin Grommesh, Speeding 14 over and disobeying traffic signal, 1/28/20

Deann L Guiot, Speeding 14 over, 1/2/20

Hailey Rae Henson, Speeding 14 over, 1/26/20

Mercedes Dawn Holton, registration violation, 1/31/20

Sidney Dawn Johnson, Inattentive driving, 2/10/20

Susan Janet Johnson, Speeding 1-10 over, 12/12/19

Jordan Christian Kaufmann, No seatbelt, 2/16/20

Kristine Grace Koehn, Speeding 13 over, 2/3/20

Tyson Ray Owens-Green, No seatbelt, 2/13/20

Ashley Lavon Pontious, Speeding 13 over, 1/29/20

Prem Ananth Ramasamy, Speeding 14 over, 2/16/20

Justin Levi Reynolds, Speeding 24 over, 1/16/20

Jason L. Smith, Battery, 8/5/19

Mary Lynn Smith, Speeding 15 over, 2/16/20

Edward Eugene Stiffler, Registration Violation, 11/10/19

Edward Eugene Stiffler, Registration Violation and no proof of Insurance, 12/14/19

Glenn M. Tabor, Speeding 11 over (School Zone), 1/28/20

Daniel Lee Turner, Registration Violation, 1/29/20

James Andrew Verow, Registration Violation, 2/5/20

Jamie Renee Weaver, Registration Violation and no proof of insurance, 1/21/20

Bryce Allan Wenthe, Speeding 14 over (School Zone), 10/23/19

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