McPherson Area Deeds for 2/19-2/25/20


Dale R. Anderson to David W. Burke, property in McPherson

Rex M. Lacy to Kayla Dawn Borell, property in Lindsborg

Robert D. Wedel to Robert D. Wedel and Kelli R. Willis, property in McPherson

Elim to Willard Koehn and Jennie L. Koehn, property in Inman

Glenn Walker, Barbara Walker, and Linda Presley to Benjamin Oliver Patrick and Christopher Michael Patrick, property in McPherson

Michah Unruh and Alexcia Unruh to Dylan Wedel, Property in Galva

Darin L. Frederick and Sara E. Frederick to Colter R. Krehbiel to Kitsy R. Krehbiel, property in Marquette

Martha A. Roberts and Ralph W. Roberts to Hayden Schochke and Alesha Schoshke, property in Lindsborg

Colter R. Krehbiel and Kitsy R. Krehbiel to Robert L. Boots and Janet F. Boots, property in Marquette

Derald D. Unruh and Shirley S. Unruh to Douglas E. Mann to Terri D. Mann, property in Galva

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