McPherson County Deeds for 2/26-3/3/20


Bret Chapman to Bret Chapman and Rachel L. Dewild, property in McPherson

Austin and Hilary Abeldt to Trevor J. Whitaker and Hanna Heble, property in Lindsborg

Glenn E. and Rahila Robinson to Cy W. and Kiara Rolfs, property in Lindsborg

Fidencio Martinez and Demaris L. Neal to Brian Rosolowski, property in Canton

Louis W. Arnel to Erin L. Plumer, property in Canton

Terry L. and Sharon M. Skinner to Joel L. Skinner, Sara M. Andoga, and Kristi M. Seacat, property in Moundridge

Harvey and Gail Lauderdale to Jesse John Lauderdale, property in McPherson

Justin L. Siebert to Lames M. ad Lisa L. Hoffman, property in McPherson

Gregory A. Power to Jordan L. Schroeder and Shanda N. Anderson, property in McPherson

Jordan Schroeder to Cole Case, property in McPherson

Sheets and Adams Realtors to Justin Siebert, property in McPherson

Mary Ellen Root Estate to Matthew W. Reazin and Jessica Alvardo, property in McPherson

Ronald L. Huxman to Moundridge City

Moundridge City to Ronald Huxman

Doyl D. and Retha Nickell, to Shelly K. Conquest, property in Moundridge

Shelly K. Conquest to Austin Richard Conquest, property in Moundridge

Joan L. Schieferecke and Gerald L. Haffner to Alexander and Emily Wuest, property in McPherson

Timothy and Cherie Davidson to Jacob R. and Jessie L. Cauthorn, property in Canton

Eleanor M. Heimbaugh to Martin and Sue Eddy, property in Lindsborg

David K. and Tonya J. McMannis to Timothy M. and Kelly A. Yarmer, property in McPherson

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