McPherson Hospital Volunteers celebrate fulfillment of their pledge to McPherson Healthcare Foundation Campaign


The McPherson Hospital Volunteers are celebrating the fulfillment of their pledge to the McPherson Healthcare Foundation’s Caring for the Future capital campaign. The campaign raised $5 million for the construction of a new medical office building that was completed in the fall of 2018. 

The Volunteers initially pledged $45,000 over three years to the campaign when it launched in 2014. When the Healthcare Foundation was seeking a matching grant with the Mabee Foundation, the Volunteers chose to extend their pledge an additional 4 years. This added $60,000, bringing their pledge total to $105,000, which they have now completed.  The donation was generated through fundraisers and Gift Shop sales. 

Volunteer president Rita Prieb said, “As Volunteers, many of us being in the hospital facilities each week, realized the significance of having a space for our physicians and providers to practice medicine in the best environment possible. Our Volunteers responded to the challenge and we are pleased to have been a part of such a wonderful addition to health care in our community.”

“Our hospital Volunteers continue to demonstrate their commitment to McPherson Center for Health, not just by being present each day, but through continued financial support throughout each year,” said Bill Gately, chair of the McPherson Healthcare Foundation. “Their contribution to the campaign for the medical office building was critical to its success, for which the Healthcare Foundation Board and the other associated boards are extremely grateful.”

Prieb added, “We are also grateful to the surrounding community for helping the Volunteers as we continue to hold fundraisers throughout each year in order to assist with other projects associated with the hospital and clinics.”

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