Municipal Court Convictions for 3/9-3/13/20


Cody Lee Allen, speeding 15 over, 3/7/20

Cupertino Banuelos, disobey traffic signal, 2/29/20

Matthew Ryan Beagel, Driving while suspended, 4/10/19

Nicholas Orion Burkes, obed to a traffic signal, 12/2/18

Katie Lynn Dees, speeding 13 over, 3/4/20

Travis M. Doile, no adult seatbelt and no seatbelt for 8-13, 2/26/20

John Keith Duerksen, no adult seatbelt, 3/10/20

Daryl James Fritzemeier, speeding 15 over, 11/15/19

Kayden Charles Garcia, no seatbelt, 2/29/20

Ratanna Lynn Gooding, speeding 14 over, 3/7/20

Justys Riley Grimm, driving with obstructed windshield, 12/15/19

Darrell Richard Halbert, driving under the influence, 10/9/19

Catherine Elizabeth Heckman, speeding 11 over, 2/16/20

Elissa Marie Higginbotham, speeding 13 over, 2/12/20

Gerald Lester Kremeier, speeding 12 over, 3/6/20

Diamond Monet Larabee, disobeying traffic signal and no proof of insurance, 2/15/20

Kimberly Dawn Laughlin, no proof of insurance, 9/28/19

Rosalynn R Mann, speeding 18 over, 3/13/20

Kara Renea McConnaughy, speeding 14 over, 2/27/20

Kristen Leigh Nelson, no adult seatbelt, 2/27/20

Sadee Rae Nichols, speeding 12 over, 3/6/20

Nicole Lynn Onemski, speeding 14 over, 7/1/19

Deannia Carik Ring, speeding 14 over, 2/22/20

Manuel Emilio Rivera, criminal deprivation of property, 3/10/19

Laura A. Sauer, speeding 12 over, 3/7/20

Jeremy Robert Snapp, stop and yield signs, 1/7/20

Shirley Mae Stout, speeding 11 over(school zone), 3/5/20

Jeffery Ryan Swanson, DUI with BAC .15 or higher, 10/5/19

Allen Dean Thiessen, no driver’s license, 1/5/20

Arlo L. Unruh, disobey traffic signal, 3/7/20

Zachary S. Weaver, no seatbelt, 3/5/20

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